What is an internet fax site?

What do you do when you need to send a fax? Let me guess, find a fax machine first. Then see if it is working or not, pay the money and then send the fax, right? What if I tell you that you don’t even need to leave your cubicle or your office or your home to send a fax?

Well listen, it’s true! You will only need an Internet connection, a computer, and an email address to start sending faxes. There are always new developments in all fields to make your life better, easier and faster. There is a development of this type that will be of great help to people like us. Currently, many companies offer it online. You want to know, what is the new development? Well, is it an internet based fax utility? The new technology that will be a wonderful thing for us is faxing over the network. There are several Internet sites that have introduced this technology and provide this service to people.

This service provided by online resources aims to help you send documents without any fax machine. This technology uses your Internet connection to do the work of a fax machine. This utility is enabled by fax sites that allows you to send faxes over the web.

What you have to do is register on these sites and they will operate as an intermediary between you and the recipient. Once you have registered, you will get a personal fax number where you can receive documents. They will also give you an email address from which you can send these faxes. To send all you have to do is fill out a form with the sender’s information which means your name, the name of the company and your fax number. You will also need to provide the recipient’s name, company name, and number. There will be a blank space near this information where you will need to add the document you want to send.

You can also add this document from your computer just like you do when attaching files to email. When you’re done with this, just submit. Your document will be sent immediately, some sites even offer the ability to view the status of what you submitted. Whenever someone sends you a fax to the assigned number, you will receive it as an attachment to your email. This is the simplest and easiest way to send a fax without a machine.

LinkedIn Profile Tips: Top 10 Mistakes You Want To Avoid And Why

A lot of people tell you what you should be doing, but what about what you shouldn’t be doing?

LinkedIn is the place to not only find others, but also to be found. And that’s why you need a LinkedIn profile that not only helps you get found, but also attracts people to contact you once they see your profile. I see many people making fundamental mistakes that actually work against them in this regard. If you’re going to spend time creating a LinkedIn profile, I guess you want to maximize your chances of being contacted by the right people, right?

With that in mind, I’ve created an easy-to-understand list of a few things to check against my reasoning. If it sounds like an exercise in search engine optimization, you are on the right track. Like any website owner, you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out and be found!

Enjoy my LinkedIn profile tips!

1. Do not show your personal photo

I wrote a full blog post on why you should include your photo on your LinkedIn profile, but it all comes down to having social media credibility or not. There are too many fake profiles on LinkedIn so you want to prove it’s real. If you’ve taken the time to fill out your LinkedIn profile, why aren’t you showing your photo? It just raises too many potential questions. And company logos or pet photos are obviously worthless here.

2. The title of the LinkedIn profile is not branded enough

Do you see that space under your name? That is your “professional” or profile title. It will appear in the search results next to your name, as well as next to any questions you ask or answer. It is, in essence, your elevator pitch in a nutshell. Are you putting your title and your company name here? Whose! This is the place where you should attract anyone who finds you in a search result to contact you and look at your profile. Your profile title is the most important piece of real estate on your LinkedIn profile, and you should mark it as such.

3. LinkedIn status update is not attractive

This is that “What are you working on?” box I refer to as “Status Update”. Assuming someone finds you and looks at your profile, they are likely to look at what you write here simply because it appears just below your headline profile. What do you write here? Many people in transition find that they are looking for work here. What do you use your LinkedIn status update for? It’s part of your branding exercise, and it should be something engaging that informs the reader of your latest activities and hopefully adds, not subtract, to your LinkedIn brand.

4. Don’t list enough companies you worked for or schools you attended

One of the ways they find you on LinkedIn is through company or school name searches. If you only list your current company and / or don’t even list your university, you’re missing out on being found. Check this out: I did my third year of university abroad in Beijing almost 20 years ago. He had been out of touch with the 15 or more Americans who were there that year. Two of those 15 found me on LinkedIn! And another friend from high school I lost contact with found me this week on LinkedIn. They wouldn’t have found me if I hadn’t included my overseas high school name and my high school name in my profile. Companies are even more important because there are potentially more colleagues who may be trying to find you or recruiters trying to connect with you. You may be missing it!

5. Not having three LinkedIn recommendations

This is the same as not having your personal photo on your LinkedIn profile. Why? When you sign up for LinkedIn and first fill out your profile, LinkedIn recommends that you write three LinkedIn Recommendations. You must do this for your LinkedIn profile to be 100% complete. Job postings on LinkedIn also require three LinkedIn recommendations. These recommendations can only work in your favor, so why don’t you have at least three of them?

6. Too few connections

This is up for debate, but too many people have too few connections on their LinkedIn profile and therefore cannot find them. The idea is simple: when you do a search, you will see results from your network. And vice versa. So the more connections you have, the more search results will appear pure and simple.

7. Do not include three websites

LinkedIn gives you the ability to list three websites on your profile. Are you taking advantage of it? Do you have a Twitter or other social media profile that you want to advertise? Company website? A blog that you like to read? Everything you want associated with yourself should appear here. You will add to the search engine optimization of your own websites just by the fact that you list them here!

8. Don’t claim your personal URL

When you sign up for LinkedIn, you are provided with a public URL that you can then include in your email signature or anywhere else you want to direct people to your LinkedIn profile. You can customize this when editing your profile. Claiming your name here is one of the first things you should have done on LinkedIn. If you have a common name, be sure to claim your LinkedIn URL before others.

9. No keyword-rich brand summary

Assuming someone finds you in a search result, likes your profile title, and doesn’t freak out with your status update, the next most important part of your profile will be your summary. This is your chance to fully bookmark yourself and make sure the keywords you want to associate with you are here. You also want to write something compelling, just like you would on your Resume Executive Summary. This is your stage to tell the world who you are and what you can do! Use it to your maximum advantage!

10. No job descriptions

Even if you’ve listed positions at companies you’ve previously held, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a job description. Job descriptions give you the perfect opportunity to enrich your profile with keywords that will help you get found. Why don’t you take advantage of this?

Did I miss any that you would like to share? Let me know! And if you didn’t make any of the above mistakes, congratulations! Your LinkedIn profile is in good shape!

Frequency filters and choose 3 lotteries and choose 4 lottery games

If you are a Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery player, have you noticed how helpful the official local state lottery websites have become in offering free information to help players find winning numbers? Some official state lottery sites offer software capabilities that allow players to find lucky lottery numbers to play with. A recent web browsing adventure led me to the official website of the Delaware Lottery. This lottery website provides lottery players with a frequently updated list of Pick 3 digits and Pick 4 digits that have been drawn. This frequency list is automatically updated after each drawing. The frequency filter based on the history of all numbers drawn in each lottery game tells players which of the ten digits (0 to 9) has been drawn the most and least times, and ranks the ten digits from the most drawn up to the minimum drawn by the actual number of pictures and the related percentages.

This frequency filter is used by Pick 3 systems and Pick 4 systems, particularly in software programs, to help lottery players produce the most effective list of potential numbers to play and win. Knowing that certain digits are drawn more than others leads to the belief that these more powerful digits will increase the chances of winning by playing these better performing digits. Mathematicians using typical bell curve analysis suggest that all numbers, except for a technical skew created with a particular drawing system, should be drawn the same number of times over time. Generally, the total number distributed in random draws is very small in the overall picture of total draws. What is the actual meaning of the percentage of .003663 between the most drawn digit and the least drawn digit as in the case of the Delaware Play 3 game based on 186 / 50,778 draws? It is similar to an 80-year-old man saying to a 35-year-old man, “In human history, we are roughly the same age.” The actual percentage per count is 10.1816% for the most extracted digit and 9.8153% for the least extracted digit.

Can a barely perceptible signal on the positive number radar screen really have any real meaning to the lottery player when choosing to play one digit over another? The Delaware Play 4 frequency table was not much different. It produced a difference of 0.003246 between the most drawn digit and the least drawn digit of a total number of 61,300 drawings. Based on this presented data found on the official Delaware State Lottery website, are the resulting percentage differences from the digits significant enough to create a real choice for lottery players? Can the frequency charts in general make any difference when using the total number of draws from the first day of the particular lottery game, either Pick 3 lottery or Pick 4 lottery, when the difference is reduced to three thousandths of a percent of total drawings?

Like looking for a needle in a haystack, splitting hairs as thin as these numbers suggest, picking one digit over another, particularly in the mid-range of the bell curve, makes it an even more impossible task for even the most dedicated lottery and engaged. Players who are willing to spend time doing their research to find the next winning Pick 3 number or Pick 4 number to play.

Enjoy Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

There are a lot of casinos from all over the world that offer Malaysia Online Casino Games. They are offering their services online through various websites which provide everything from the games, rules, maintenance and also managing player accounts, and even customer care. A gamer can just log-in to one of the Malaysia Online Casino Games sites and start playing with the live dealer. The site will show all the games available for playing and a player can choose a game easily after registering himself. A player doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance or managing of his own account as the site will take care of it.

Online casino Games Malaysia

The management of the Malaysia Online Casino Games is very strict and follows some of the best casino gambling policies. SOLEI owns and backs Malaysia online casino games wholly for its exposure to live dealers for Singapore & Malaysia Online Casino Games, in turn giving out promotions for its players. In this case, every person playing on any of the online casino sites will be entitled to special benefits in terms of special rates of free betting, free withdraws and special offers and bonus. There are some of the top class casino sites such as ACB Casino, Beleker Casino, and Golden Casino that are continuously running successful operations in Malaysia and also to some of the countries overseas such as Ireland, Russia, Spain, China, Australia, and many more.

Online Malaysia Online Casino Games include casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Slots, Slot Machines, Baccarat, and more. Players can play a maximum number of hands for each game in a span of 30 minutes or for a total of maximum number of hands in one hour. There are bonus periods such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and yearly bonuses. There are certain limitations and restrictions of a specific online casino in terms of payouts to players. Malaysia Online Casino Games has been designed, developed, and operated by highly skilled and experienced casino experts and game designers.

Enjoy Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

It is important to note that there are a lot of online casinos that offer free bet, bonus and promotions but you must choose only the legitimate ones. With this, you can be sure that your interests are protected and that you will not end up risking your money. It is a good idea to check their testimonials and references of satisfied customers. This way, you can be assured that these gambling sites are well-known for their quality services and that they are not scams. You can also read the reviews of different users over the internet so that you will know if these casinos are really worth investing your money and time. Some of the best online casino games include Craps, Online Slots, Online Betting, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, Poker, Slots, Trellis, and many more.

There are also a lot of online casino games that are focused towards a particular religion and culture. You may have a particular religion or a culture that you are interested in, you can bet on religious games because of the guarantee of fairness and efficiency. If you want something that is less popular or a gambling site that offers betting only on national events and competitions, you may visit the non-gambling online casino games. Malaysia has everything that you need to satisfy your gaming needs.

Malaysia has a number of online casinos that offer both land-based and online gambling. This gives everyone the chance to choose from a wide variety of choices. Whether you are looking for the most popular games like poker and craps, or something completely new, you will certainly find what you are looking for at Malaysia online casinos. These are considered to be the best in the world, so you can feel secure when wagering your money. Malaysia’s legal system is very stable, making it easy for people from any part of the world to gamble online.

James Joyce – ‘A portrait of the artist when he was young’ Rebellion and liberation

James Joyce’s novel ‘A portrait of the artist when he was young’ is a ‘bildungsroman’, which deals with the development of its main character, Stephen Dedalus. Compared to the previous version of Joyce, ‘Stephen Hero’, we see that he has cut out all the strange material about other characters and presented an up-close and detailed account of Stephen’s character development from infancy to manhood, the ground previously covered. in ‘Stephen Hero’ it is compressed into chapter 5 of ‘A portrait of the artist when he was young’.

The most important aspects of Stephen’s early development occur internally, and Joyce brings us directly into his mind so that we can see the intellectual and emotional development unfolding behind the surface. The first chapter portrays Stephen as an individual alienated from his social environment and experiencing encounters with authorities that will reappear in various guises throughout the book. We see the beginnings of this process on the first page and a half, and the patterns of behavior and relationships shown here are repeated throughout the chapter. The opening section is almost a microcosm of the chapter and perhaps the entire novel.

Stephen has an intuitive drive toward rebellion. As a boy he plans to marry a Protestant girl from his neighborhood, and when his mother and Aunt Dante scold him for this, he defiantly hides under the table. This instinctual drive remains with him throughout the book, until, in the fifth and final chapter, he presents his defiant attitude in mature intellectual terms with his definitive statement beginning “I will not serve.”

The opening paragraphs, written in children’s language to reproduce Stephen’s experience at the time, represent one of Stephen’s earliest memories. It is a memory of a story that his father told him.

‘Once upon a time and in a very good moment, there was a moocow coming down the road and this moocow coming down the road met a cute little boy named Baby Tuckoo’

The story represents the image of the life that his father gives him: that Ireland, the church and the home are peaceful and abundant like a cow. The father says that the moocow “met a nice little boy”, meaning that Ireland and the church have a favorable disposition towards Stephen, and this is what Stephen believes at this stage.

In contrast to the benevolent world image presented by his father, Stephen is subject to threats, particularly from his aunt, Dante, against whom he has to take a defensive position.

He hid under the table. His mother said

Oh Stephen will apologize

Dante said.

Oh, if not, the eagle will come and gouge out his eyes.

Stephen’s first conscious step toward rebellion is taken at school when he confronts Principal Conmee to complain about his unjust punishment, an act that sets him apart from his peers. Here Esteban is portrayed as a martyr in the cause of justice.

Chapter 1 ends with Stephen feeling that he has succeeded in his cause of making the school admit its injustice, but in reality he has not succeeded. All Conmee will admit is that a mistake has been made, and when he suggests that it was largely Stephen’s fault for not telling Dolan about the letter he wrote to his parents, Stephen immediately agrees. In this way, Stephen has come back to accept the order and security of church / school authority, which, at this stage of his development, he needs.

Chapter 3 continues the theme of rebellion against authority and, as in Chapter 1, Stephen experiences a lot of fear. Authority is God and the Church, and fear is hell as punishment for sin. The general pattern from Chapter 1; Detachment and questioning are repeated, followed by a gesture of rebellion, followed by fear and acceptance of authority.

The chapter begins with Stephen going through experiences that the church identifies as capital sins. Esteban leads a double life, one as a young man visiting prostitutes and another as a prefect in the ‘Congregation of the Blessed Virgin Mary’. You are casually exploring the dilemma you are in, unconsciously pushing yourself toward a resolution of your conflicting needs.

Intellectually he can defy the petty logic of the church. This is not an attempt at rebellion, but rather an acceptance because you are arguing on the church grounds. But after the sermon on the horrors of hell, Stephen experiences excruciating terror. The only escape from the torments is an “apology”; confession and repentance.

God had promised to forgive him if he regretted it. He was sorry. . . Sorry! Sorry! Oh sorry! ‘

Hell in Chapter 3 is equivalent to the eagle in Chapter 1, and with these words Stephen apologizes, just as his mother and Dante said he would. He is not yet ready to risk eternal damnation for his acts of rebellion, as he is at the end of Chapter 5.

While Stephen thinks his acceptance of the church will be permanent, his motivation is purely emotional and his willpower is not involved. Your emotional state is transitory, and once your fear has subsided, you will no longer need church.

Throughout the book, each chapter ends with Stephen feeling himself on the threshold of a “new dawn,” and that the next chapter begins with a demonstration that the “new dawn” was largely self-deception. We see Stephen stumbling in his childhood through a series of painfully miscalculated but unavoidable steps. In the end, he may not reach full maturity, but he does achieve a degree of freedom from what he sees as the ‘nets’ launched by society and its authorities.

“When a man’s soul is born in this country, nets are thrown at him to prevent him from fleeing. You talk to me about nationality, language, religion. I will try to flee through those networks.

At the end of Chapter 4, in what is truly the climax of the novel, Stephen has a vision to become an artist. Joyce presents this view in a way that clearly associates it with the Icarus myth, and that shows that Stephen’s ideas have the usual mix of insight and misconceptions. Your ideal vision is associated with calm and beautiful images of the water. His real life from home and Dublin is associated with stagnant and dirty water. His dislike for Dublin manifests itself in many other ways, for example warped characters, static clocks, and the garbage trail, with the result that he finally calls Ireland “the old sow that eats her farrowing”.

In Chapter 5 we have a picture of the type of person Stephen has become by following him through a series of dialogues with his friends from college. These friends do not complete themselves as characters, but serve as a means of extracting Stephen’s ideas and challenging them for the benefit of the reader.

In the last of Stephen’s dialogues Stephen makes his hopes, doubts and ambitions clear. Here we have the clearest and most mature statement from Stephen in the entire novel.

“ I will not serve what I no longer believe in, whether it calls itself my home, my country, or my church; and I will try to express myself in some way of life for art as freely as I can and as completely as I can. I can, using for my defense the only weapons that I allow myself to use: silencing exile and cunning.

Choose silence, exile and cunning to counter language, nationality and religion. He has to go into exile from Ireland not only to avoid the ‘nets’, but also because of the hostility of the Irish people towards his artists.

No matter how much we may criticize Stephen for his prudishness, immaturity or coldness, we must admire his unwavering independence of spirit, as he has the unanswerable last word:

“And I’m not afraid to make a mistake, even a big mistake, a lifetime mistake, and maybe even eternity as well.”

Here, by including “eternity,” we see that although he claims that he no longer believes, he does not cease to firmly believe. It seems that the shadow of the eagle will haunt him forever.

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Classic Game Review: The Alpine Encounter

The Alpine Encounter is a graphic adventure game, the first in the IBIDS VODAC Adventure series. Some background information, as well as a telegram from his boss, Freedman, awaits him as he opens the box.

He learns that, at the Imperial Museum in Beijing, two people broke in and stole a vase dating from the first Ming dynasty. Meanwhile, six thousand miles away at a military installation in the Rocky Mountains, a second pair of men sneaked into a secure part of the base, opened a large military safe, and produced a large blue envelope, engraved with “Stealth Missile “. The men escaped from the facility room in a helicopter.

Then he returns to the present with the next message from his boss. You, Agent 456, must immediately fly to ALPENBERG and register at the ski resort. You must then contact Agent 487 regarding VODAC’s involvement in a conspiracy that would give VODAC world domination. Agent 487 is operating undercover as an exchange student at the resort. You have only twelve hours to complete your mission.

When he starts his disk, he is standing in front of the ski resort. First check in at the reception. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wander around the hotel looking for clues (hotel facilities are only available to paying guests). At various points throughout the game, you will come into contact with the main characters. When you meet them, be nice and ask questions. Because, only by interviewing the characters can you hope to find the clues, solve the mystery, and thwart VODAC. For more information, you may want to go to the hotels newsstand and buy a newspaper.

After searching (map) for the hotel, you will probably want to test your skill in the animated ski sequence (you need to ski to complete the game). There is one track for beginners and one for experts (you can choose either at the beginning of the race). This was a nice change of pace that was made more interesting by the fact that you get shot while skiing down the slope.

A short distance down the ski slope, you will reach the ski chalet. You can ski there or be taken there for medical services like I did (I didn’t get too far down the mountain before crashing into a tree). Search the ski chalet and pay special attention to the radio room.

An interesting feature of this game is that your interaction with the characters will affect the plot in some way. The changes seem subtle and tend to change the timing of certain events, but they give the story a bit of the uncertainty found in real life.

An intermediate level game, The Alpine Encounter has detailed graphics similar to other current adventure adventure games. The animated ski sequence fits the plot well. I especially liked the interaction of the characters and the ability for you or the characters to follow each other. Sometimes it felt like there was more than just a computer behind the scenes controlling the action.

BigLaw: a long-time investor in the brand market

The BigLaw brand

In our age of competition and connectivity, law firms face an unprecedented challenge from the brand, and BigLaw, the world’s largest and most successful law firms, tend to play long-term. For BigLaw to “win,” you must continue to enhance your business brand to attract and retain your clients and attorneys. The question is: Are your attorneys playing the same game?

Personal branding

In today’s mobile job market, many attorneys may be shortening the market. And they have the tools to do it; the same standard equipment that BigLaw gives each attorney when they join the team. Any attorney intending to “win” quickly learns to use these tools to develop expertise in an area or areas of market opportunity, as well as a personal brand to market.

Personal brands distinguish lawyers

At the Inaugural Penn Law School Women’s Summit, approximately 200 members of the Penn Law community gathered to celebrate the leadership and pioneering work of Penn’s national and international attorneys. As the Summit made clear, the women of Penn Law have many victories, marks and more to celebrate.

The agenda included a session titled “Building Your Professional Brand, Online and Offline”, during which panelists and attendees shared the importance of individual branding as a business development tool. They discussed the importance of creating a specialized practice and the many ways you can declare yourself an expert: blogging, posting articles on LinkedIn and Facebook, posting photos on Instagram, hosting personal and professional websites, tweeting, speaking at conferences, and participating in events. commercial.

In addition to building business, the brand helps lawyers take control and effectively own legal practices. Consequently, personal branding plays an important role in accelerating an attorney’s journey to professional achievement, increasing their value within the law firm and contributing to the firm’s financial success. Not surprisingly, BigLaw supports its attorneys in the development of their individual brands; Those marks are as important to individual attorneys as they are to the law firm.

Personal Brands Support BigLaw Brands

Strong and diverse personal branding creates exciting and dynamic law firms. Each BigLaw brand represents a collection of talents that inspires and attracts attorneys and clients alike. BigLaw pays a great deal of expenses related to executive trainers, seminars, and extensive professional development programs for its attorneys. BigLaw fully supports its attorneys in the effort to create and maintain personal brands.

From his perspective, helping attorneys develop distinctive experience and specialized skills elevates their attorneys and brings new clients to the law firm, where, in addition to receiving high-quality legal services, these new clients will come to value the firm’s brand. of lawyers. In fact, the more numerous and robust the individual law brands, the healthier and more productive the law firm will be, and the more effectively it can attract clients, grow, and cross-sell its services. As a result, every brand name law firm is filled with brand name attorneys, in the ranks of partners and associates.

Brand versus personal brand: which is the best investment?

To the extent that personal brands distinguish one attorney from another and generate recognition for professional excellence, they increase the value of an attorney inside and outside the law firm.

Now there is a perfect storm of lawyer defection and a rise in personal branding (in fact, social media makes personal branding easier than ever). Personal branding enables attorneys to maintain a web presence on both law firm websites and personal websites, and carefully select their respective brands on each of them.

Is it wise for BigLaw to continue to assume that its trademark will triumph over its attorneys’ personal and wearable marks?

To win the long game, BigLaw cannot lose its stars to another team. Rather, your stars should recognize personal accomplishments, but value team success more. The BigLaw brand will remain strong only if its attorneys can merge, but also maintain ownership and autonomy over its distinctive brands.

There will always be competition between BigLaw brands, but there should be no competition between any BigLaw trademark and the personal brands of its attorneys. By grouping and scoring together, just like the women of Penn Law, everyone has a victory to celebrate!

The tricks of small talk

Small talk is polite conversation on trivial matters that generally doesn’t include much controversy. It is an unnecessary conversation that tends to fill a situation that seems uncomfortable. These are things that do not matter, especially between people who do not know each other well. It revolves around topics like sports, weather, current jobs, the latest gossip, or where a person lives. It sometimes backfires on social awkwardness and feelings of loneliness. Small talk helps build the confidence of others so that they can start conversations, develop their social skills, and make connections.

Small talk is not just knowing what to say, but also what not to say (what to keep private). There are things that, when engaged in small talk, make you or the person you are chatting with uncomfortable. Some of the things that make small talk essential include;

Financial. Asking the people you are meeting for the first time about financial matters is quite inappropriate. While it is good to ask someone what they do for a living or the positive aspects of their career, it is not appropriate to ask them about salary. Some people will find such an intrusive and inappropriate question.

Religion. It’s another sensitive and personal question to ask someone you’re meeting for the first time. Some may not like it if asked what religion they belong to as they may think that you are on the opposite side and therefore may take it as a question of discrimination. It is also vital to know that some people do not belong to any religion, so such a question can be insulting. Questions about religion should be avoided during small talk.

Politics. Another area to avoid is that of politics. The problem is, you may not know who in the crowd has strong opinions. Avoid political questions unless you are prepared for a heated debate.

Sex. Asking intimate questions or talking about sex during small talk is very inappropriate. When talking to strangers, stop making sexual advances or talking openly about sex. These questions tend to make other people uncomfortable.

Death. Another worse topic to avoid during a small talk. When in the company of strangers, don’t come up with emotionally-provoking or potentially upsetting topics. Some in the group may have lost someone close to them and when reminded they can end up emotionally about it.

Appearance / age. DDon’t ask someone about age and appearance unless you know the person well. It may seem quite similar to you, but it is a hot topic for someone else. You are talking to a strange woman and you ask her if she is pregnant or why she looks so thin or fat. They may not know the reason for the pregnancy, the thinness or the fat, and this could leave you and her in an uncomfortable situation.

Offensive jokes. You hardly know someone, you just met and started the silly jokes you make with your best friends. Some people don’t like jokes. To be specific, avoid racist and sexist jokes as they are offensive and can end your conversation quickly.

Personal gossip. You can gossip about celebrities during a little chat, but avoid gossiping about people you know personally. Gossiping about other people makes you sick. On the other hand, you never know who you can meet. Stop badmouthing!

Past relationships. On the first date, avoid talking about past relationships. Some people’s past may be painful, while others may not like it when you tell them how your ex used to do nice things to you. Talking too much about a past love or making comparisons is a detour and a quick way to avoid going on a second date.

Narrow themes. Don’t talk too much about one-sided issues. Be vigilant and watch for signs that they have lost interest and find a way to end it quickly. It is boring, for example, to go into too much detail in a movie, when some people have not seen it.

Those are some of the many things to avoid in small talk. They are essential and can quickly end up in conversations. However, don’t be afraid of small talk. You must learn to overcome the fear of small talk. Below is a list of things that can make small talk handle:

  • Entertainment and Arts – Arts and entertainment topics are good conversation starters. They can include; books, movies and TV shows, music, etc.

  • The Weather: As mundane as it may sound, it is a general topic that everyone can discuss. Practice a little talk about the weather or you will find yourself in the middle of a difficult silence with nothing to start with.

  • News: Reading the news and staying up to date on current affairs is the best way to prepare for the little talk. Be aware of the trends in your country or city.

  • Family – You will likely be asked about your family. Be prepared to answer these questions and to ask yourself too. This will help you get to know a person in a short time.

  • Celebrity Gossip: It’s good to know a little about some popular celebrities in case the topic comes up. But unless everyone is talking about the celebrity, avoid being the initiator of such conversations.

  • Hobbies: If you don’t have a hobby, consider having one as people like to talk about their hobby and may be interested in getting to know yours as well. Not only will it give you something to talk about, but it will also meet other people with similar interests to yours.

Standard Poodle Puppies: Not the Wimpy Dog of Myths

The Poodle can be the butt of a lot of jokes, but these even temperate and graceful dogs just don’t care. They are dignified, calm and, dare we say, a bit distant. Standard poodle puppies are certainly not the cheapest puppies you can buy, that’s for sure, but these wonderful dogs are truly a hidden gem in the dog world.

When people think of poodles, they may think: a small dog or small miniature dogs. But that is not the case. Standard Poodles are medium-sized dogs, weighing from forty-five to seventy pounds.

A seventy pound dog, as we all agree, is not a small dog. And neither are they the fragile and weak dogs of the dog world. That is another great myth and a common misconception about these animals.

In fact, the Standard Poodle (not their mini cousins) makes a great watchdog. That’s right, the Poodle is a wonderful watchdog. They are extremely intelligent, highly trainable (like all show dogs), and can have an aggressive side that can also be brought out. When we imagine the Poodle, we imagine a dog that has been carefully cared for for a dog show, and these dogs make wonderful show dogs, but they can be so much more than that.

They also make wonderful pets and great family dogs. They are loyal, intelligent and of good temperament. But, they are not the cutest dogs, as mentioned, these dogs are a bit aloof so they can be a bit aloof.

But they make excellent pets, despite rumors to the contrary. They would probably be more popular, but their price prevents many people from owning one. Perhaps that is why the Poodle has adopted the stereotype that we all know, they are simply expensive dogs. And sometimes things that are expensive are often seen as weak, it’s just jealousy at work.

Standard poodle puppies can cost thousands of dollars, especially when it comes to a good licensed breeder, which we should all be doing. Buying from a good breeder ensures that we are not dealing with puppy farm scammers. You can check your local rescue shelter for adult poodles, if you don’t think you want a puppy, however, since these dogs are rare, you are not likely to find one there.

These dogs are born as show dogs, so if you’re looking to buy a standard poodle puppy to become a show dog, you can’t go wrong with a standard poodle. If this is the case, then good breeding is a must. Poodles have won countless competitions due to their natural grace and intelligence.

If you’re not worried about raising a show dog and would like to save some money while shopping for standard poodle puppies, ask your local breeder if they have slightly older puppies; this will almost always drive the price down quite a bit. significantly.

What’s the big problem behind in-app purchases?

I can’t say that I like titles as question sentences, but then again, I do a lot of other things that I don’t like, like spending money on “In-App Purchases.” This is only a dollar, so what is the problem anyway, right? Well, I’m getting right into it.

Let’s start with a rough definition of in-app purchases for those of you unfamiliar with this term (I’m not sure if anyone is living in a cave). An in-app purchase refers to items, services, points, coins, anything of value in the game that a player can purchase. I myself see this “anything of value” in 2 categories.

The first is anything that affects your gameplay, or anything that gives you different kinds of advantages over all other players or monsters. Let’s say there are 2 types of coins in the game and one of these coins is extremely difficult to obtain, or you just get it once a day or in some limited way. The game offers you this “extremely hard to get currency” in its “app store”. As a dedicated and impatient gamer, you don’t want to collect enough of these coins for a year to get your dream weapon and instead purchase this coin using the notorious “app store.”

The second category is cosmetics, which means only visual changes or visual add-ons. For example, a pet that goes everywhere with you doing nothing. For example, a beautiful hat that offers you nothing but a beautiful image.

Although I hate the first category, I always support the last. Buying something, knowing that it won’t do your character or game any good, means that you are supporting the people who spend their time introducing you to the game you are playing. Or it just means that you like to use images that not many people use! Either way, this, in my opinion, means you’re doing it right.

We have a perfect example that includes both categories; World of Warcraft. You already pay for the game, you pay the subscription to be able to play, and Blizzard is still trying to sell you something like pets and mounts or some services like character change or gender change, right? Well I support this.

However, WoW is also trying to sell you some important services, like server switching, which I don’t support. I don’t want to be misunderstood here, so let me tell you, I don’t want all players to switch servers whenever they want. But Blizzard should definitely work on this, maybe one free server change per year is a good idea. Or maybe they should at least lower the price. This is tricky, I know, but if you’ve been playing WoW for years, you probably have characters scattered all over the place and you’re not willing to pay huge amounts to collect all your characters on the same server. After all, you cannot know what will change in the future. Maybe you have to move your main character to another server leaving some other characters …

That was our well-known Blizzard example. As many of you may know, we have much worse examples, especially mobile games and Facebook games. From what I remember, I can tell that this started with Farm Town. Tell me if I’m wrong, but Knight Online or Silkroad or any other game before Farm Town couldn’t do what Farm Town did! It’s like these guys just poisoned the gaming industry and left like nothing. Now, all developers and all companies think that it is quite normal to sell people important things in the game, things that affect the game. No, this is not normal, I tell you. Knowing this, I still spent some money on games until I understood that even spending money is very difficult to get what you want, you just have to spend more!

Yes, this is what these developers want. They want you to buy more and more diamonds, for example, let’s call this extremely hard-to-get coin “diamond.” You buy some diamonds and use these diamonds to open some chests and you get shit, and then you buy some more diamonds to open some more chests and you’re lucky once! So you decide to buy more diamonds!

A strange example is that you can buy a level 60 skill when you are at level 1. Oh my gosh … Another example is that you have to wait a month to upgrade your weapon / skill or you have to pay for it. Fair enough, right?

Yeah, these guys changed the video game world a lot, to the point where people even buy skills for their characters. I used to spend money on games, but I can tell I’m trying not to do it again, and you know what my solution is? Ignoring games that offer in-app purchases when I see them, or (99% of mobile games offer in-app purchases), I just download them in the hope that they only sell cosmetics, and then uninstall them when I see that ugly picture.

Let’s forget about mobile gaming for a second and take a look at the Diablo example. When it was published, people could buy and sell things at the auction house, and Blizzard received a commission for each transaction. What was the game like back then? ****! The drop rates were terrible, literally terrible for such a game that was almost only crash oriented, even when you got an epic item, there was no reason to get excited because it would probably turn into an intelligence item when you were playing a barbarian … I can’t even find words to describe how terrible Diablo 3 was at the time. So Blizzard changed it completely. They removed AH and fixed the drop rates and now D3 is a perfect game for the Blizzard brand. By the way, I spent (wasted) more than 100 euros on items in the hope that I could kill faster and get more items to sell in return. How stupid …

And for those who do not know, I will already talk about the example of Path of Exile. A perfect example for our second category. They sell only cosmetics and they also sell storage spaces, but let’s ignore that for a while. They generally sell cosmetic stuff. You could personally pay to play such a great game, but the game is free in itself. If you like Diablo games, try Path of Exile and you will understand better what I am saying.

Well this topic never ends with short articles like this as the list goes on. I didn’t even say anything about kids making purchases with their parents’ credit cards. That would make this article much longer. There are many other related topics that could make this article much longer, but for now I’m putting an end to it.