Patent filing: the advantages and obstacles it can pose for a company

A patent is a concession granted to an inventor. It grants them exclusive rights to:

  1. Produce an idea

  2. Sell ​​an idea

Both are allowed for a specified period of time. During this period, the inventor is protected from other people and companies because no one is legally authorized to create the patented product or to sell it. In other words, a patent guarantees that the only individual who will benefit from the idea is the creator.

As long as the patent is valid, the inventor can grant another company the license to manufacture the product as stated in the agreement. This path is generally taken by the patent holder when he does not want to sell the item on his own.

In simpler terms, a patent gives the inventor control over:

  1. How to do it?

  2. How to use it?

  3. How to sell it?

Pros and cons of filing patents

To truly make an informed decision, a person must know the advantages and disadvantages of the patent application. Once the drawbacks and benefits are clear, it can be decided whether patenting a creation is the right choice or not.

  • What are the limits of patenting?
  1. The biggest drawback of a patent is the full disclosure of the invention. Since the public knows all the technical information, anyone can reproduce it. This is why some creators prefer to keep data a trade secret.

  2. The patent filing process is not only time consuming, it is also lengthy. In some cases, the granting of the patent can take years, which means that there is a high risk that the market will change and the technology will become obsolete.

  3. Filing a patent carries the threat of lawsuits. Competitors tend to file a case to invalidate the patent. Other creators can file a lawsuit claiming that the new patent infringes on their rights. In extreme cases, people can even claim damages or injunctions, which take time and money.

  4. The protection granted by a patent is not absolute. A competitor can still reproduce the invention and present it as his own. In such cases, the original inventor must be ready to defend the patent, which requires hiring an attorney and investing more money.

  5. A patent is limited to one country: the nation where it was filed. To produce, sell or market the same invention in other countries, it must be patented in each of them, which requires different applications.

  6. The language of the patent is crucial and difficult to guess. If it’s too broad or too narrow, you can allow other companies to replicate the idea with just small changes. Even a single variation would do the replication, not in violation of the patent.

  7. Generally, a patent lasts for 14 to 20 years. Therefore, the patent owner only has this period to benefit financially from the idea. Once the patent expires, anyone can start selling the product.

  • What are the benefits of patenting?
  1. â € ‹â €‹Most of the time, inventors need financial backing to sell their idea. This requires asking investors for capital, exposing them to the threat of idea theft. If they have applied for a patent beforehand, they have the guarantee that no investor can steal their creation.
  2. A patent offers the person a monopoly on the market. Since they are the only ones who can make, distribute, sell, import and export the idea, they can make a lot of profit. No matter what markup the item sells for, people will buy it because it is the only one on the market. The economic benefit of patents is the greatest attraction.

  3. Let’s say an inventor knows how to improve an existing product and make it better. In this circumstance, the inventor can file a patent to ensure that the manufacturer of the original product does not improve it and start selling.

  4. Generally, the person who owns a patent can apply for a premium to produce the invention because there is no similar item on the market.

  5. If the creator does not want to manufacture the discovery, he can sell the license or the patent itself. In this case, the inventor will get a royalty for each sale that is made. This is a particular benefit for those who do not have the time or money to commercialize the invention.

  6. For small businesses, a patent may be the only thing prompting them to expand. Many investors agree to contribute capital if a company is entitled to a patent.

  7. Not just small businesses, but all businesses benefit from patents because they increase the credibility of the business together with the inventor.

Food to go:

When one contemplates the pros and cons of patent filing in India, the returns side wins out completely. Still, it is recommended to consider each factor carefully. Consider whether the benefits outweigh the challenge of applying for a patent. For a start-up, it can mean a lot of cost and complexity, but it can also be the stepping stone to success. For a single inventor, it can amount to years of legal work with no return on investment. In the end, the question is it enough to make the knowledge public and obtain full legal rights to the idea?

How Greed Slowed Our Evolution: The Tesla Story

Having grown up in the capitalist nation of the United States, I am sure that it is difficult to imagine that having money or doing a job simply for the sake of earning more could somehow slow down the process of evolution. We are programmed to think otherwise. Well. . . in fact it has! I did some research so you don’t necessarily have to. Thank me later. For now, let me explain. The high school I attended, if history had got it right, should have been called “Jardine Telsa Junior Academy” as opposed to an “Edison” academy. “Tesla”, of course, from the man who possessed one of the greatest minds to ever walk on the surface of this planet. Nikola Tesla’s time is now!

Tesla was the genius at the forefront of making AC (alternating current) electricity an important part of our lives. He rivaled his fellow inventor, Thomas Edison’s DC (direct current) electricity. As you read in the story on this matter, it was more of a one-sided rivalry. A humble man at Tesla, whose main goal in life was to harness the natural energy of the Earth by harnessing the correct frequencies (Wardenclyffe Tower). By doing so, you could generate free / sustainable energy to supply the entire world! A madman driven by greed, in Edison, whose only goal was fame and fortune. That I would keep at any cost. Thomas Edison would go as far as killing large animals, in front of crowds, as propaganda. He once fried an elephant to try to show that Tesla’s AC electricity was too dangerous. The most disgusting of all his smear campaigns was the execution of William Kemmler (First death by electric chair). Which was basically an experiment to test what AC electricity would do to a human. In the hope that you will consider your conclusions about alternating currents as fact. Thomas Edison knew the genius of Tesla and his humble nature. Being the opportunist that he was, Edison made the most of it. Hiring Tesla (years before the smear campaigns) to repair the motors that powered his version of DC electricity. Tesla was told they would pay him $ 50,000 if he could fix the engines at the Edison plant. After Tesla successfully completed the job, Edison told him that it was just a joke and that he would not pay him the money. Which led to the inevitable resignation of Nikola Tesla from Edison’s company.

Edison was known for stealing Tesla’s ideas among many others and passing them off as his own. I. and X-ray imaging. Mr. Edison, in retrospect, looked like some kind of proprietary prostitute. He had an understanding of idea patents that far surpassed his counterparts. Which allowed him to hire some of the brightest minds of his time, just to patent HIS inventions. Thomas Edison was not alone when it came to harnessing Tesla’s caring soul. Shortly after parting ways with Edison’s company, a couple of investors approached him. Alfred S. Brown (West Union leader) and Charles Peck (New York attorney). The two men believed in Tesla’s alternating current and wanted to finance “Tesla Electric Company.” Which you would get ownership of after agreeing to split half your patent rights for your air conditioning system. In exchange for financing. This is your second chance at your own power company. The first company was “Tesla Electric Light Company”, from which he was eventually forced to leave. He was left with nothing but a worthless stock certificate. Do you see a pattern yet?

Nikola was finally becoming the successful businessman he wanted to be. It seemed. He eventually sold his patent for his AC motor to George Westinghouse for $ 25,000 in cash / $ 50,000 in notes + royalties. At this point (1890) Tesla was ready to move on to his next great invention, which was fueled by his discovery of “wireless power.” With his fame on the rise and his brand bigger than ever, it struck fear in his adversaries. Than the aforementioned smear campaigns. Which were also directed to Tesla’s partner, Westinghouse. On top of all the chaos plus the inability to find a better design for your current AC system. Westinghouse eventually withdrew. He pulled out of the Tesla project (financing) and somehow got Nikola to rebuild the contract that once paid him royalties ($ 2.50 per horsepower generated by each engine).

As Tesla’s tendency to be a genius engineer but lacking the greed-driven nature to be a successful businessman continued. He would go on to invent or discover many of the greatest discoveries in science. Those who help us in daily life. Even in this generation. I believe he was so far ahead of his time that his discoveries will continue to help unleash the natural powers of this universe for years to come. Some of his most successful business ventures were “The Niagra Falls Power Co.” Unfortunately, his contributions are masked by the Westinghouse insignia. His best as his “Tesla Coil” But the one he never stopped seeing come to fruition and what became Nikola Tesla’s obsession in life, Wardenclyffe. The Tower that would take advantage of all the natural energy that circulates on our planet, to redistribute it as free energy. Simply redirecting the natural frequencies. The project received a lot of funding in the beginning, but once JP Morgan (Main Funder) found out that it was being built to generate FREE electricity, it withdrew. If it couldn’t be measured for profit, it was of no use to a businessman. Only a good man would do the right thing for the betterment of humanity. JP Morgan and many other “businessmen” of that time were not that. The tower’s production eventually came to a halt and never regained momentum. After Tesla’s death, the FBI broke into his New York hotel suite and stole all of his work. Some believe that the Wardenclyffe Tower technology is known today as HAARP. The weather control program that uses frequency alteration to manipulate weather patterns.

If the point of this article was to inform you of all the wonderful things Nikola Tesla discovered, you might as well move on. The man was behind so many incredible projects. Some projects were so far ahead of their time that people like Steve Jobs had to finish them for him. I encourage you to Google it yourself. However, the main purpose of writing this article was to shed light on the idea that greed may be holding back our evolution. Imagine if funding never slowed Tesla down. How far would it have gone? Instead, they were overlooked because a better businessman beat them to the patent. I am sure this has happened repeatedly in history. Greed rears its ugly face. A true superhuman is almost out of the history books because he did not patent thousands of ideas that were not his own. How often did you hear about Edison as a kid? History seems to favor those with the most money. Which is a sham in itself. The idea and purpose of money is to keep you in control. Which in recent history has worked well for a certain 1%. For the rest of the great minds out there? We are forced to live lives that do not always allow us to take advantage of our own natural abilities. All for capitalism. It was fun while it lasted, but you can’t see it’s time! We need a new monetary system. One that does not retain true genius.

How to get up early in the morning in less than 1 minute

From today

The topic is “How to get up early in the morning in less than 1 minute. This article is short but you can do this task easily. So I don’t want to talk much. I am starting this topic. Tell you some unique reason for this problem.

Why it happens?

So much stress

Waking up long at night

For not putting the mind

If you don’t exercise

For not drinking a lot of water during the day

If you wear a stiff dress and go to sleep

I don’t have the right goal

Vitamin Lake (C)

For not finishing all your bodies working in the morning. You know it well.

(again) If you are not laborious or not working or just exercising, work during the day.

How will this problem be solved?

Mindset and pray to God

To refresh your mind This (mindset and praying to God) is very important for everything and this is totally up to you. Before going to sleep, you need to think about what you will do after getting up early in the morning. It will hide your brain to get up.

2. Drink lots of water during the day, but not at night.

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day (from morning to afternoon). It will remove all kinds of waste substances like (creatine, urea, nitrogen, etc. causing the trash substance). You also know that it will refresh your face and be very helpful for protoplasm. It also helps you sleep and get up early in the morning. Please don’t forget to drink water early in the morning without having breakfast.

3. Eat mint leaves

You have to eat mint leaves at night. This is very important in solving many types of problems in your body. I will try to discuss this later in another article. Please stay with us. This method is very, very important to get up early in the morning.

4. You exercise regularly and walk for some time at night.

You know this is very important to everything. This is the king of all. It helps us to adapt our body, to refresh our mind, to have a healthy mind, to eliminate wrinkles, to eliminate stress, etc. So you feel tested and this tiredness is important to sleep and if you do this work early it will be better. Because you will feel good until (from morning to night). Don’t forget to walk at night before sleeping. At last, it will help you to complete this task easily.

5. Take a deep breath

I will recommend that you take deep breaths at night before sleeping. You just have to take 10 or more deep breaths. This method is really important for getting up early in the morning.

6.Set alarm with sound box (fun purpose but will work)

You have to set the alarm and import the sound box line to your mobile. It will help you get up early in the morning.

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This is how to get up early in the morning

Jogging until boredom

Let’s face it, some of us are really sick of doing our traditional, standard cardio routine on a regular basis. It seems that running like hamsters on the infinite path to nowhere that is the treadmill just doesn’t seem to be working. Of course, you could take your mind off the tedious task by plugging in your iPod or watching one of the big TV screens that your gym might have next to the treadmills.

However, the truth is that if you can watch TV or even carry on a conversation while doing your cardio, you are not working hard enough. While I’m certainly not totally against regular cardiovascular practices like jogging or biking, this article hopes to show you some alternatives that will get your blood pumping and taking your breath away.

Take, for example, a move most commonly done with dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells called the clean and press (often abbreviated as C&P). Raise the bar / dumbbell off the floor to your shoulders, then press the weight toward the ceiling so that your arm is straight above your head. Reverse the action to lose the weight. You may be reading this thinking that it looks more like a weight training exercise than a cardiovascular one, but I’m sure that after only 10-15 reps with a fairly challenging weight, you will definitely have an increased heart rate and be out of breath. . .

This exercise alone is much more effective in the long run than running 40 minutes on a treadmill for weight loss. Also try one arm dumbbell snatches to feel the benefits. Your body does a great workout and your mind has something to focus on. Get really focused while doing these exercises and you may even find that your attention span and ability to work can improve as well.

For the busier guys, why not try five minutes of vigorous, vigorous exercise? For example, five minutes of lunges, squats with little or no rest between sets. Five minutes is all it takes and if you don’t feel like you just finished running by the end of these then you couldn’t have been working hard enough.

Try these exercises the next time you don’t feel like jogging – routinely changing your exercise program will do you a lot of good.

See you walk circumspectly

“Try to walk cautiously, not as fools but as wise.” Ephesians 5:15

What does circumspectly mean?

It means being attentive, discreet, prudent, well-considered, and considering all possible consequences and outcomes.

Wise people don’t rush to do anything without much thought. Fools do that.

How often did people end up in trouble after doing something where they never considered the consequences of their actions?

Too often judging by the things people do to get in trouble. Just watch the news on television and you will notice.

Just this week I saw on the news how some stock market investors lost money from a company whose stock price plummeted. Their rice was up 1000% in no time. That would have been a red flag for seasoned stock investors, but many novice investors who held onto their stocks lost money. It is a hard lesson.

And the lesson is: “Consider all possible factors before making an important decision. This can be a decision about whether it is an investment decision, a relationship decision, or a home purchase.”

Your lifestyle reflects your values, so when people see how you live your life, they also see what you stand for.

Therefore, the question is this; “Based on how you live your life, are you a suitable role model for the younger generation?

You must not only be a walking advertisement of your faith, but also be like the wise and walk cautiously, not like fools do.

There is a saying: “You can tell a person’s character by the company you keep, so what does the company you keep say about you?”

That doesn’t mean you should avoid people. Jesus spoke to everyone, even the wicked, and no one can say that he has never made a mistake. You must walk cautiously so that others can see the qualities in you that will lead others to Jesus.

A company will go to great lengths to make sure it hires the right people because they want to project the right image to their clients. Are you projecting the right image for your faith? Can those who don’t believe see the difference between you and them?

If not, then you have a problem.

It is important to accept wise advice and reject all others, but have the discernment to know the difference.

Tips for selling your own home

Home values ​​in the last sixty years have risen steadily. Everyone (even those who should have known better) believed that the increase would continue forever and the entire real estate industry was established on that concept. So the worst happens after hyperinflation in home values ​​begins to sink. That bursting of the housing bubble has prompted a reassessment of how to interact or work with the real estate industry.

Sell ​​your own home without agents
Real estate agents make perfect sense when home values ​​are constantly increasing. Giving a six percent commission to real estate agents was not a problem when someone was likely to make a significant profit on the sale of their property. However, we live in sadder and poorer times, a real estate agent becomes a problem as many people may be selling their lost home.

Sell ​​your own home Legal assistance
Keep in mind that title companies and escrow companies will provide a great deal of assistance in selling your own home. Still, for legal business, check with a contract and forms provider like We The People for a retailer or LegalZoom for someone online. A free source of information to answer basic questions if used sparingly and courteously is a title company. If more unique problems arise, seek legal help from real estate attorneys. Many will have flat rates for those conducting an FSBO (Sale By Owner).

Sell ​​your own home marketing
Place your house ads on every free internet classified service you can discover. Websites like Craigslist, USFreeads, and Backpage don’t bypass national services as they can provide you with an investor looking in your area. Post signs over the property, thus notifying all passersby that the home can be purchased. Advertise in newspaper editorials like Penny Saver or Thrifty Nickel, they will be cheaper than general local newspapers. Finally, make a list of 100 people you can contact who can meet other people who are looking to buy a home. Your hairdresser, insurance broker, instructors, pastors, everyone who is continually in contact with or in front of people, make sure they know that you are selling a home.

Is the history of Pokémon simple or complex?

Welcome to another installment of Pokémon Cafe, where Java and Pokémon themes are evolving alongside Pokémon roaming the floors and occasionally engaging in battle. The latest news in the world of Pokémon, as you’ve no doubt heard, is the release of Pokémon Black and White. The game itself is a must-have along with, of course, all the exciting spin-offs. There are new Pokemon Black and White plush toys, new cards for the Pokemon card game, including Shiney Eutei and Raikon. You can get everything from great new stuffed animals to stationery.

Children’s minds are fantastic. We adults are constantly trying to teach them to think when in reality the child’s brain, like the Pokémon, has special powers and is growing on its own. As an adult, the history of Pokémon, I admit, leaves me hanging. But I don’t think like a child.

I always felt that The Wizard of Oz was the best movie ever made for children. Actually, I still feel that way: it’s a complex tapestry of life’s horrors and miracles, rich textures and symbolism, love and sin, and most importantly, the fact that life will always throw things at you. that you can never prepare. no matter how much you learn and that only bravery and virtue will win the day. As a story, The Wizard of Oz leaves the Pokémon series crawling in the dust. And that is a fact.

But the purposes of the two stories are completely different. As Oz launches us into a tumultuous world, Pokémon encourages, no, forces the young mind to use its imagination, create worlds, and fill in the gaps. Pokémon as a story fails in too many ways to tell. It is incomplete, it is not credible or logical, its premise is unexplained and it does not make sense. Your world is not in any sense of the word a complete world. It has no message and, when it comes to life lessons, nothing to teach. It is not a story that adults can enjoy together with children. At best, it’s like a pretty silly spin-off on Jurassic Park with all the power and no horror or plot. And the kids love it.

I maintain that the history of Pokémon is excellent for the minds of children. Because all the inexplicable elements that leave us adults dissatisfied are gaps that stimulate children’s minds to fill, represent and complete. In other words, each child’s vision of the Pokémon story is unique as each child is unique. The trainer / Pokémon relationship gives the kids something to personify that Dorothy never can. This is how a child’s mind works. Adults cannot be disturbed.

What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the largest and most prominent city in the Netherlands, is one of the best places for a fun holiday. The wonderful beaches, the exclusive shopping markets, the historical monuments, the clubs and the casinos are the main attractions of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is rapidly increasing the strength of its tourists every year. Amsterdam has many exciting and exciting things to do, from seeing historical architecture to elegant nightlife.

The great historical aspect of Amsterdam is reflected in the famous and finely built monuments and churches. The most popular is the Von Gogh Museum built in Amsterdam Square and has a great treasure trove of beautiful Vincent Van paintings. The Anne Frank House is the next architecture worth knowing, it is made up of all the ancient documents and sculptures from the distant past. Millions of visitors come each year to see these great architectural attributes. Amsterdam boat cruises offer tours of the Amsterdam canals, where you can see picturesque Amsterdam. Amsterdam has very beautiful beaches to enjoy and have fun. This is also an important aspect of Amsterdam. The beaches of Noordwijk, Strand West, Amsterdam Plage are the most famous beaches offering all the diversions of life. You can swim, bathe, play, dance and sunbathe on the beach. They offer first-class wines, delicious foods, etc.

Many kinds of cultural events are also organized and held to let tourists know about the cultural events that used to be held in the past. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve there are parties and people enjoy it to the fullest. They drink, dance, sing and have a great time. Amsterdam is famous for its Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Amsterdam has a natural flora and fauna comprising beautiful plants in the Vondelpark and the big animals in the Artis zoo like zebras, lions, tigers and chimpanzees etc. Children are really crazy about watching animals. The Dam Square and Magna Plaza shopping markets offer a good collection of clothing, accessories, eating items, etc.

Enjoying the nightlife in Amsterdam is the next important thing to do in Amsterdam. There are several clubs, casinos and bars where you can have all the charms of the nightlife. Expensive wines, rock music and dancing are the hallmarks of an exciting nightlife in Amsterdam. Reading about things to do in Amsterdam will probably have you planning your next vacation in the wonderful capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.