Is commercial radio really dying? – Part II

Is commercial radio really dying? It sure looks like it. I started talking about this a couple of months ago and was amazed at the response it got. Mainly from radio representatives who feel the pressure of the attitude of “alternative / new sources of income” on the part of the corporations that own large groups of stations in each market. New sources of income are a necessity to meet shrinking budgets and astronomical debt derived from the development of the big broadcast groups.

It’s no longer about selling your product, the whole focus is on the bottom line … not that it hasn’t always been that … but it has changed. Instead of fighting for your share of the budget, your fighting for more “interactive” dollars and non-cash dollars. Your sales quotas have been converted into multi-level financial forms and your income depends on meeting all the criteria.

Remember the days when radio stations’ big sales pitch and sales product were “just 10 units per hour”? It wasn’t long before you were lucky if you listened to 10 minutes of format! The time has changed. Radio reps now have multiple products to sell and their income is based on the quantity of each product they sell. Below is a sample of what you can buy on the radio today.

Gone are the days when reps kept you informed about market changes and how your station was right for the customer. I think they no longer have time to worry. It’s about selling the fee and handing over the end result to your bosses.

  • Weather news
  • Traffic
  • Event station
  • Web Banners
  • Website promotions
  • Mobile apps
  • Text message
  • Email blasts
  • Special features
  • Website Ads
  • Ask “whatever”
  • Non-business hours brought to you by … you guessed it “business”!
  • 30 second places
  • 60 second places
  • 15 second points
  • 10 second points
  • 5 seconds open / close
  • Sponsorships “Cause”
  • Studio Sponsorships
  • Loyal listening clubs
  • Station vehicle sponsorships
  • Block programming
  • Concert sponsorships
  • Social media
  • Online Videos
  • Transmission

The radio rep is DEAD … now we have “Media Specialists”. Gone are the representatives who briefed him on the market and what was going on. Gone are the representatives who informed you about local promotions or accounts entering the market. We hardly see reps anymore, they don’t have time … we get emails filled with award-winning sales pitches, video presentations, and graphic slideshows. I miss the old days when radio was fun and it was still a business. I think everyone has good memories, stories to tell about the good times and mourns the loss of what used to be. So, goodbye to the radio rep and real radio and say hello to the new sales consultant “if you want it, we get it” in multimedia. I wish they were still the days when they sold commercial time and you bought the time to air the commercial.

Understanding activity ratios

Understanding activity rates is a very important tool for evaluating a company’s performance. Whether you’re interpreting your company’s financial ratios or evaluating another company, it’s critical to understand what activity ratios indicate about a company’s performance. Activity ratios are often called efficiency ratios because they measure how efficiently the company manages its assets. Activity rates can be divided into two categories; Turnover ratios and day ratios available.

Accounts receivable ratios

Turnover of accounts receivable = Net sales ÷ Net accounts receivable

The accounts receivable turnover ratio measures how many times, on average, accounts receivable are collected in cash, or “shifts,” during the fiscal year.

Days of accounts receivable available = Accounts receivable net ÷ Net sales X 365

Accounts Receivable Available Days (ARDOH) is the average number of days required to convert accounts receivable to cash. Available accounts receivable days measure a business’s ability to collect from its customers. This number should be compared to the credit terms established by the company. By comparing this number with previous years, we can determine if there is an identifiable trend in accounts receivable. An increase in ARDOH could mean that the company has increased credit terms in an attempt to increase sales or mismanage accounts receivable. As a general rule of thumb, the acceptable upper limit for a company’s average collection period should be 50% more than the stated terms. For example, if a company has 30-day terms, the upper limit would be 45 days. Any period longer than 45 days would be cause for concern. If the days of accounts receivable available are lower than the stated terms, the company is doing an excellent job of collecting accounts receivable. If the days of accounts receivable available are above the established credit terms, management may need to adjust the credit to reduce the accounts receivable.

The proportion of days of accounts receivable available is extremely important because it allows us to put the balance of a company’s accounts receivable in perspective, from the balance sheet. If a business has $ 1,000,000 in accounts receivable, that looks good just by looking at the balance sheet, however if we find that the days of accounts receivable available are well above the credit terms set by the company , we should be wondering how much of that $ 1,000,000 is actually collectible. In this case, you’ll want to look at the age of the accounts receivable to determine how much is likely to be uncollectible.

Inventory ratios

Inventory turnover = cost of goods sold ÷ Inventory

Inventory turnover measures how many times, on average, inventory is sold during the year.

Inventory days available = Inventory ÷ Cost of goods sold X 365

On-hand inventory days measure how many days of inventory a company has at any given time. On-hand inventory days should be compared to previous years to determine trends affecting inventory and the industry average. Too high a number could indicate poor inventory management or an outdated, unsellable, or outdated inventor. For example, if a company’s available inventory days are 70 days in year 1 and it experiences a jump to 90 days in year 2, the company needs to understand why there was a large increase in available inventory days. There can be many likely reasons for the slowdown, such as increased inventory in anticipation of a future shortage, outdated or obsolete inventory, or poor inventory management. However, if 90 days is the industry average, the jump may not be a major cause for concern. It would be necessary to question management to help understand why the days of available inventory changed.

Accounts payable ratios

Turnover of accounts payable = cost of goods sold ÷ Debts to pay

Accounts payable turnover rates measure how many times, on average, accounts receivable are collected in cash, inventory is sold, and accounts payable are paid during the year.

Accounts Payable Days Available = Accounts Payable ÷ Cost of goods sold X 365

Available accounts payable days is the average number of days it takes to pay accounts payable in cash. This relationship gives an idea of ​​the payment pattern of a company. This must be measured against the terms offered to a company by its suppliers. If the number is greater than the terms offered by the providers, it may be a cause for concern because the providers may require cash on delivery. However, a low number of accounts payable days increases the operating cycle and can lead to the need for external financing.

Operating cycle

Another useful tool to evaluate the efficiency of a company is to calculate the operating cycle.

Operating Cycle = A / R Days Available + Inventory Days Available – A / P Days Available

It is important to understand the relationship these three ratios have in affecting a company’s cash flow. The operating cycle is determined by adding the available A / R days and the available inventory days and subtracting the available A / P days. Simply put, the operating cycle is the amount of time it takes for a business to buy and manufacture goods, pay for them, sell them, and receive cash for the items sold. If a business experiences an increase in available accounts receivable days or on-hand inventory days, while available accounts receivable days remain constant, its need for external financing will increase.

Understanding activity rates is essential to assessing the performance and efficiency of a business. It is important to understand how a change in available accounts receivable days, on-hand inventory days, and accounts payable days can affect a business’s operating cycle. Business owners, managers, and investors can benefit from a solid understanding of activity rates.

Granite splatter

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, your backsplash is just as important as your countertops as it can help minimize spills and splashes, while improving the overall look of your kitchen.

The importance of a backsplash

While a backsplash isn’t just for looks, it can become an important staple for your kitchen. Whether it’s around your sink or around your entire kitchen, backsplashes can offer a layer of protection that homeowners don’t always think of. Behind the sink or behind the stove, the backsplashes can take a beating from spills and stains that will be easily cleaned. Since granite is virtually non-porous and antibacterial when sealed, a granite backsplash prevents water and other liquids from seeping into the wall, staining it and compromising the integrity of the gypsum board. Over time and continued exposure to liquids, sheetrock can weaken and stain, leaving you with a bigger problem. The granite backsplash can help you avoid that. But they can also bring a delicate and interesting decorative touch to your overall design. Granite backsplashes can be both functional and attractive.

Combine or coordinate?

So, thinking of backsplashes? Want to add a backsplash to your existing granite countertops? If you already have the countertops in place, it can be difficult to determine what the backsplash should look like. Do you match the pimples? Can you do the pimples? How about a matching color? Depending on the availability of your original granite, you may have a hard time matching your countertops exactly. If you know the installer of your countertops, you may be able to hire the same company to install your granite backsplash, so they match perfectly.

However, if you don’t have that information, or maybe you want a unique look, you can coordinate your pimples. No one said your countertops and backsplash have to match precisely. If you are more daring, you may want to add a matching color to give your kitchen a more visual appeal. If your granite countertops are dark, why not try a lighter shade for your backsplash to break up the monotony and create a more open feel. You can invert the colors for a more contemporary look. Either way, you can enhance your overall kitchen design simply by playing with your granite colors.

Before you begin, you should consult a professional granite installation team. They can offer advice on how to combine or coordinate your pimples. It is always best to go with the original installer as they will likely have the same style and color as your original granite, but it may not always be an option. However, a professional installation team can analyze your kitchen’s overall layout and structure and help you determine which granite will meet your needs. They can also customize and install their backsplashes to give you the best possible look.

How To Book Flight Tickets In Low Price? – Book Flight Tickets in USA

Book Flight Tickets in USA

Are you looking for how to book flight tickets in low price? This is very easy and you can even get good discounts if you book the flight with the right website. You can even avail various facilities like cheaper airfares, accommodation at cheap rates etc. If you are looking for the same then you need to search the Internet well so that you can find the best airline which will offer the best flight tickets at the cheapest prices.

how to find cheap flights with flexible dates

If you are planning to go for the international travel or the regional travel then you should not book the air tickets in hurry. It is always advised to do research about the airlines or hotels before traveling so that you will not regret your decision. There are various websites on the Internet which can help you to get the best deals on air tickets. You just have to enter the right destination, date of travel and the travel dates so that the website will match it with the available air lines. All the airlines have their web portals so that they can reach out to the customers and inform them about the discounted air tickets.

Before traveling you should always try to check all the possible low cost carriers so that you can choose the best deal. The low cost carriers are also known as the budget airlines. They offer economy class seats, regular class seats and business class seats at a lower price. These airlines fly from and to almost all major cities in the world. If you do not book your air tickets in low price then you might miss this opportunity.

How To Book Flight Tickets In Low Price?

One of the most popular ways to book the air tickets is online. Online tickets booking is the most convenient way to book flight tickets because you do not have to leave your home. The only thing that you need is a computer and access to the internet. You can search for and find the best airlines that are offering cheap air tickets if you search using the major search engines like Yahoo or Google.

Some websites also offer membership sites where you can save the different kinds of low cost airline tickets. You can also check the different classified ads sections and compare prices of different flights on a daily basis. If you are flexible with your travel plans then it is better to book your flight tickets in low price. If you do not plan your vacation or business trip in the near future then you should not worry about the low price of air tickets.

It is always advisable that you should reserve your flight tickets in low price if you are planning to visit London, Toronto, or New York. If you are planning to visit Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth then you should book your flight tickets in low price so that you do not need to waste money for booking your tickets. Remember, you can never have too much flexibility in your life, especially in such uncertain times.

Electric car that accelerates a Porsche; No way, yeah, way

Well, it seems like the electric car industry is moving forward and forward by leaps and bounds as more and more technology makes them faster and faster. Some of the newer models according to the Electric Automobile Association are smaller, faster, charge faster, and go further between charges.

There’s even a new group with Venture Capital called Tesla Motors, which is about to complete and put the finishing touches on a car that can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari. They have also had good press lately. It seems that pure electric cars, not just hybrids, will change the dynamics of the market.

Tesla Motors:


Electric cars have two speeds; from time to time. So if you put one in a certain gear, it would get bogged down a lot. Imagine an electric car speeding up a Porsche? And it will see the very near future of what electric cars are capable of doing. Consider a pure electric car, which is only battery powered, zero emissions, and fast too.

What does it come from? I mean, will they pollute the power plants that produce the extra electricity since they run on coal? Well, some say that coal-fired power plants pollute, but with the new clean coal technologies they don’t. And maybe America, with 250 years of coal reserves, can have its cake and eat it too. The true electric car of the future will soon be here, so consider all of this in 2006.

Celebrity branding: capitalizing on a star’s popularity

One of the most viewed ads today is called celebrity branding. We see popular and talented artists endorsing different products on television shows, shows, special events, and commercials. Branded clothing, perfumes, makeup, sports equipment and the like are gaining ground in the market. All these items bear the characteristic names of movie stars, models, actors and actresses like Jennifer Lopez and others.

Customers have the flexibility to adapt to the products that are offered in the market, especially if it is new. Furthermore, if they discover that the products are represented and endorsed by famous personalities, they are eager and excited to purchase them for personal use or as gifts. Through more studies and research by brand specialists, they assign the main personalities that can represent a specific product based on different aspects such as their personality, occupation, physical attributes or even their ability to effectively deliver to consumers the real essence of the product. solidarity product or project. Miss India Aishwarya Rai crowned Miss World possesses impressive and expressive eyes and indeed campaigned for a major eye donation event. The voice-over advertising method attracts celebrities with different voices that captivate and attract more customers. Advertising is always full of creative ideas and strategies that really work.

Right now, almost 20% of advertisers use the celebrity endorsed promotional method. Once a famous personality signs a contract with advertisers, many products and brands will definitely be pushed into the market. Product sponsors are adept at projecting the image of the product and company to buyer viewers. Different products with a single popular sponsor can even effectively switch from one personality to another just so that the meaning and function of a specific product can be related to interested consumers. Many have done this like David Beckham in backing Gillette and Passion.

Another method of celebrity advertising is through the use of celebrity logos or graphic images that can fully represent a known figure such as actors, models, and more. Even simple initials like the logo for Jennifer Lopez’s fashion brand, JLO. The JLO product brand allows different Jennifer Lopez-related products to be branded and highly appreciated due to Jennifer’s stardom. His popularity, as well as his talent, is enough to attract a large crowd of consumers even in his absence. Any product that is represented by logos, initials, and superstar designs will serve the advertising purpose in some way.

The big names in the business industry really set a budget for the celebrity branding method in advertising their products and services. Nothing can offset the burden of customers who will be magnetized by superstars. Popular and credible personalities can create business moguls from a single product. One of the successful ad agencies that created an exclusive ad company that focused on celebrity endorsements is Davie Brown Entertainment. They exquisitely screened celebrities to represent their products and designed advertisements that would relate to the chosen sponsor. Their rigid strategy is proof that they are selective and meticulous when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction explains business success.


Contrary to what you may believe based on what you have been told, fever is not a disease, but a cure!

Fever is the body’s attempt to heal itself by using heat to eliminate it through perspiration. Fever uses the body’s skin and perspiration function to remove toxins from the body through the skin.

From a medical point of view, fever is a rise in body temperature. The natural temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees. A body temperature above 100.4ºC is considered pathological, medically speaking.

We should welcome the fever with open arms! The problem most of us do is that when there is a fever we automatically assume something is wrong and run to the butcher’s office, oops, I mean the “doctor’s office.”

And what does the good doctor give us? Answer: POISON (euphemistically called “drugs” or “medicine”). And what does this poison (drug, medicine) do? Answer: STOP THE FEVER! Stopping the fever is stopping the healing.

You never want to interfere with or work against a fever. It is much more prudent to work with a fever and not against it. To work against fever is to work recklessly against Nature and the Intelligence of the Body. Working against the Nature and Intelligence of the Body is gradual suicide because working against the Nature and Intelligence of the Body is working against oneself, which is clearly unwise.

Suppressing fever means keeping toxins in the body. Toxins do not belong in the body. That is why it has an elimination system that consists of organs of elimination such as the colon, kidneys, lungs, and liver. The skin and female vagina also serve as elimination channels, so the body will also use the skin and vagina for healing purposes (but people will also mistake vaginal and skin healing crisis for illness and disease and run to the doctor for a poison to stop healing through these organs).

You don’t really have to do anything when there is a fever, except get some rest and drink some water. Remember, your body (Body Intelligence) is in charge.

Most fevers bring with them a period of natural fasting, so the appetite usually disappears when the fever appears.

You can work with a fever naturally when you have the proper knowledge. You want to help the fever go away naturally, not stop it (although the fever does not need help to do so). Basically, with the right knowledge you can accelerate a fever.

Cold baths are ideal when there is a fever. Always bathe in cold or lukewarm water. Add a box of sea salt, as sea salt helps dissolve negative energy (which is released when the body is cleansing itself).

You can add essential oils of Peppermint and / or Ginger to the bath to ease the fever. Whole ginger root or ginger root tea bags can also be added to the bath. Ginger is the best thing to use for fever relief.

You can also take a warm to hot bath, which will hasten relief from a fever due to the heat involved. It is still a good idea to add ginger root to the bath.

An ice pack or cold towel can be applied to the head during fever.

Good herbs to drink (in tea form) include ginger root, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and cloves. All of these herbs induce perspiration. They are also warm but refreshing herbs. They warm you up first before cooling you down.

When you have a fever, be sure to sleep with the window open so that the cool natural night breeze can come in through the window and help cool you down.

Should I bring a lot of thick clothing to bed to help induce heat and relieve fever? Answer: You can if you want. Or you can let it break on its own. It really is up to you as all the methods help. Whether you naturally cool the body or warm it up, you are working with the fever and not against it.

The worst thing a person can do to treat a fever is to take medicine to stop it. Stopping the fever only prepares you for the fever to return later. Fever simply denotes healing and healing should never be postponed or delayed or interfered with. The fever breaks naturally at 104 or 105 degrees if you don’t interfere with it by stopping it prematurely.

Metaphysically speaking, fever denotes anger. Anger causes heat and heat is present during fever; that’s why the body temperature increases.

So learn to “relax” and not “sweat” things that make you “boil” emotionally. Don’t let the things of life “heat up” you. As the title of a book says: “Don’t worry about the little things in life.” I might add, don’t even worry about big or moderate-sized things. At the end of the day, when you keep things positive, everything always works out fine anyway. It all comes down to a choice and there is a right choice and a wrong choice. That’s it! Just a CHOICE! As stated in the Jim Carey movie “Number 23”, there is no fate or destiny, only options.

Choices mean that life is in your hands. While you may want to hand this over to a figure of God (thanks to successful religious programming and indoctrination), the reality is that you create and create your own destiny and destiny through the decisions you make based on the thoughts you make. think.

Spiritually conscious and mature responsible people know that their lives are in their own hands and irresponsible, spiritually unconscious and immature people (also known as religious people, common people) believe that their lives are exclusively in the hand of God and that they do not they have absolutely nothing. say it or have power over their lives. They believe that their fate is sealed and nothing can be done about it.

Your life is what you do with it! Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions (feelings) and attitude (good or bad) shape and create your destiny, destiny and reality, and this has always been the simple secret of the Universe and always will be.

Thank you for reading!

This article is courtesy of Dherbs.Com and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

For additional articles from Djehuty, visit @ Articles.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection cheats and codes

Play as Panda

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma and press Circle. Note: Panda has a different story than Kuma.

Theater mode

Successfully complete Story Mode to unlock Theater Mode.

Command Attack minigame

Successfully complete Story mode twice to unlock the Command Attack minigame.

Gold Rush Time Attack

Successfully complete Story Mode three times to unlock Gold Rush Time Attack.

Tekken bowling minigame

Successfully complete Story Mode three times to unlock the Tekken Bowling minigame.

Stage 0 in Tekken Dojo mode

Successfully complete all six stages in Tekken Dojo mode to unlock Stage 0. In Stage 0, you can fight all downloaded ghost characters whenever you want.

3,000,000 G

Successfully complete the Ranking Tournament at Void Dojo to earn 3,000,000 G.

Heaven dojo

Successfully complete Void Dojo after defeating Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi to unlock the Heaven Dojo.

Jinpachi ghost

Successfully complete the Void Dojo after defeating the Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi to unlock the Ghost of Jinpachi.

Tekken Dojo Gold Rush Mode

Successfully complete the Wind Dojo to unlock Tekken Dojo’s Gold Rush mode.

Tekken 5 opening movie from the PlayStation 2 version

Successfully complete Time Attack mode to unlock the Tekken 5 opening movie for PlayStation 2.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection arcade version opening movie

Successfully complete Survival mode to unlock Tekken: Dark Resurrection’s opening movie for the arcade.

Simple calorie counting for long-term weight loss

With the plethora of calorie counting apps now available for your smartphone, ipad, laptop, etc., it’s easy to get obsessed with documenting every little bite that passes your lips.

There really is no need.

Counting calories to help you lose weight and maintain your weight can be done quickly and easily using the best tool available – your brain!

Once you begin to know the caloric value of certain foods (for example, two slices of whole wheat bread equals 200 calories), you can plan ahead and find out approximately how many calories per meal you can consume.

Calories (or its proper name, kilocalories) are best viewed as potential energy for the body.

It is found in everything we eat, from a carrot to a piece of chocolate cake (sadly!)

Depending on the amount of protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, water, etc. that is in a food, controls how many calories it will have.

For example, an apple has about 100 calories, while two glasses of wine have about 300 calories, and a 2.8 oz (80 g) Snickers candy bar has almost 400 calories, almost ¼ of the total calories for the day! !

Basically, the more calories you eat each day, the more you need to exercise and move to burn them. By consuming the recommended amount of calories that is suitable for your body every day and combining this eating plan with

Regular exercise means that you will maintain a healthy body weight.

It really is as simple as that.

By eating fewer calories, you will lose weight.


However, eating fewer calories does not mean that food has to be boring or bland. There are always low-fat alternatives to your favorite foods (yes, this includes pizza and fish and chips!)

Depending on your age, gender, weight, lifestyle, etc., determine how many calories you should consume per day.

This table describes the correct number of calories based on a person’s weight:

It depends on your age, gender, weight, and whether or not you exercise regularly. This table describes the average number of calories that different groups of people should consume each day:

Weight – Woman – Man

50 kg / 100 pounds – 1,680 calories – 1,830 calories

60 kg / 132 pounds – 1,800 calories – 2,000 calories

70 kg / 154 pounds – 1,920 calories – 2,170 calories

80 kg / 176 pounds – 2,040 calories – 2,350 calories

90 kg / 198 pounds – 2,155 calories – 2,520 calories

100 kg / 220 pounds – 2270 calories – 2690 calories

By eating right and exercising 4-5 times a week you will be lean, happy and full of energy.

Imagine for a minute, how different would your life be if you could lose weight? You would sleep better than ever, you would be able to keep up with your children and grandchildren, you would enjoy being outdoors more regularly, and you would have the energy to feel good day after day. It would not be good?

So, what are you waiting for? With just a few simple changes to your diet and an easy calorie count, you’ll be feeling fit and well in no time. Your new body and positive mindset are just around the corner.

The best gift you can give your children

Not long ago, a friend of mine had a baby. As I looked out the window at the rows of babies lying in their bassinets, I was struck by how similar they looked. Yes, some had dark hair, some curly hair, and some had no hair at all. Some were larger or slightly heavier than others, but for the most part they were practically the same. What would they be like, I wondered, if they returned as adults for a reunion? What would we find?

Both research and common sense tell us that we would find that some people took life by the tail and made the most of it. Some would be business or art successes. Others would be exceptional parents, teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc. Statistics also tell us that we would find others whose futures had taken quite a different turn. Some would have drug or alcohol addictions. Others would somehow simply be unable to make their lives work.

I began to think about the cause of these incredibly varied results: How is it possible that all these children who started out so the same ended up so differently? Oh, I suppose some of the discrepancy could be passed down to genetics, but what about the rest? Did a fairy fly around the room with magic dust and sprinkle some but not others? No, unless reality was created by Walt Disney.

In the last 25 years of working with people in my therapy practice and as a parent educator, I have found that the single most important factor that determines whether children grow up to be happy and successful is their self-esteem. A child’s self-esteem affects every area of ​​his existence, from the friends he chooses, to how well he does in school, the type of job he pursues, and even the person he chooses to marry. But what exactly is this illusory, intangible thing called self-esteem?

Simply defined, self-esteem is the feeling of being loved and capable. When these two qualities are in sync, a child has high self-esteem. Children first need to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. So with this as a foundation, your natural impulse is to take that love and learn to contribute it to the world constructively. It is not difficult to see that self-esteem is the best gift you can give your children.

As you work to give your child this wonderful gift, the most important thing to understand is this: Self-esteem evolves in children primarily through the quality of our relationships with them. During the first years of their lives, you are their main influence. Later teachers and friends enter the scene. But especially in the beginning, you do it with a capital I.

We are mirrors for our children

Because children view parents as authority figures, they think that the way you treat them is the way they deserve to be treated: “What you say about me is what I am” is a literal truth for your child. . Consequently, when children are treated with respect, they conclude that they deserve respect and thus develop respect for themselves. When children are treated with acceptance, they develop self-acceptance; when they are appreciated, they conclude that they deserve to be loved and develop self-esteem. On the contrary, if they are mistreated or abused, they conclude that they deserve it too.

Parents are, in effect, mirrors: what we reflect to our children becomes the basis for their self-image, which in turn influences all areas of their lives. To put it another way, who our children are is not as important as who they think they are.

Bathe your children with love

Passing on our love to our children is the number one priority in building a healthy sense of self-worth in our children. It should come before any other aspect of the parenting process, such as setting limits or correcting behavior. Your children need to know first and foremost that no matter what they do, even if you don’t like or approve of their actions, you will still love them.

Children need tangible demonstrations of your love. They, like adults, need to be told directly and frequently, “I love you.” No one ever came up to me at the end of a parenting seminar and said, “Could you tell my husband to stop telling me he loves me?” We can never hear “I love you” too often. Our children do not automatically feel loved simply because they are part of a family.

Your unconditional love should be the foundation of your relationship with your children. Unconditional love is loving your children for who they are, not what they do. Our children shouldn’t have to earn our love, acceptance, or respect. It is your birthright and must be given free of charge.

Unconditional love requires loving your children no matter what you expect them to be and, most difficult, no matter how they act. By this I do not mean that we like or accept inappropriate behavior, but with unconditional love we love the child even in those moments when we do not like what he does.

I’m not going to pretend this is easy. It is not. Unconditional love is not something that you will achieve every minute of every day. But, it is the thought that we must have in our hearts every day. The underlying message of unconditional love is, “I love you no matter what you do. I am 100 percent committed to you and will be here for you through thick and thin.” These types of messages are infallible builders of healthy self-esteem.