Top 10 Action-Comedy Movies (Duo)

Lethal weapon

I love Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in all four movie series, which were blockbusters. Gibson’s funny way of being a mad cop complemented Glover’s fears of aging and retirement. I think it’s the addition of Jet Lee in the final sequel that made him the best among them.

rush hour

This three-movie mega-series from action superstar Jacky Chan with Chris Tucker is fun from start to finish. Chan’s comedic side of doing stunts was matched by Tucker, without “hurting” each other. With their misadventures as police detectives, I think both actors were a perfect fit for their roles.

Knights of Shanghai

This 2003 action-comedy sequel to “Shanghai Noon” proved once again that Jacky Chan is okay with a partner. Owen Wilson was at his best in his funny acts in 19th century settings. The romance between Wilson and Fann Wong, who played the role of Chan’s sister, is cute and entertaining.

Bad boys ii

This action-packed comedy film by Michael Bay has taken Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to the next level. It was released in 2003 as a sequel to the 1995 film Bad Boys. It received negative reviews for its violent sense of humor, but I think Lawrence has successfully portrayed its funny moments.

Men in Black II

Released in 2002, this second sequel to the three-film MIB series starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith can be classified as a comedy film. While some alien creatures and dialogue may not be suitable for young children, there are plenty of fun scenes. The special visual effects are good enough.

21 Jumpstreet

Based on the 1987 television series of the same name, this 2012 Hollywood comedy film revealed the comedic side of heartthrob Channing Tatum. His tandem with Jonah Hill as two strange and unlikely cops resulted in a perfect match. Its upcoming sequel “22 Jump Street” is likely to be affected as well.

The other guys

Both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg did well to share hilarious moments in this 2010 action comedy film. No wonder the film won the “Best Comedy Film” award at that year’s First Annual Comedy Awards. . I think director Adam McKay has successfully applied his skills in his previous comedy films.

Another 48 hours

This 1990 action comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte is a sequel to the 1982 film 48 Hrs. It was more successful than the first in terms of box office and more fun. Murphy, then successful with his “Beverly Hills Police,” proved once again that his funny face really works.

Knight and day

This 2010 action movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is more fun than a romantic movie. Diaz is charming and funny to me with her innocence of Cruise’s mission. If you love Cameron in Charles Angels, you will also love his humorous role in this movie.

Starsky and hutch

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson played David Starsky and Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson, respectively. This is the 2004 American film adaptation of the 1970s television series of the same title. Born comedians, I think both actors have justified their talents by mixing action with comedy as the iconic undercover cops on the street.

Industrial dance

Industrial dance it is a style of both music and dance. The term “Industrial Dance” is an American phrase derived from Electric Body Music (EBM). It is a subgenre of industrial music that, unlike experimental electronic rock of the 1970s and 1980s, focuses on a dance beat. The terms “Industrial” to describe music relate to music that was part of Industrial Records, a record label. An album called: Industrial Music for Industrial People was released. It was a musical movement that was a musical twist on punk, more rebellious than the traditional mainstream rebellion. There were many uses of totalitarianism in images, songs, and performances. Some of the early bands in this genre include Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, and SPK.

As time passed, the music of this movement began to include a more danceable rhythm. An influential band in this transition was Front 242. Their music was somewhat danceable and at the same time kept the themes darker, used more electronic elements and was less experimental in terms of choice of instruments. Over time, other bands ventured into this realm of Industrial Dance and were commonly labeled Electro-Industrial. These bands include Wumpscut, Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy, and others. This movement took place in the early 1990s in Europe and somewhat in America.

Over time, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, bands such as Funker Vogt, Terrorfakt, Hocico, and Accessory emerged. They were more focused on pace and motivated. This was a change from the experimental jazz-like music of the 1970s because it was less geared towards live performances and more geared towards body rhythms. From the early 2000s to the mid-2000s, bands like Combichrist emerged. They were even considered by some as a new genre, rough-EBM.

While rave-oriented and changed styles of influences began to enter the genre and in the late 2000s and early 2010s we found bands like FGFC820, [X-RX], Aesthetic Perfection, Faderhead, T3RR0R 3RR0R and more. While not all of the songs these bands make fall into the Industrial Dance category, they have become what they primarily are these days.

As for dance style, this is a difficult topic to research. Some would point to articles that emerged in the early 2000s on how to dance like a riveter. Some people point to Los Angeles, Chicago or Germany for the dance style itself. Most notably, YouTube has popularized the dance style. In 2006, a video was uploaded to the Wumpscut song War that featured someone in a gas mask dancing at their parents’ home. From there, different videos were released that actually include a slightly different dance style, but are called Industrial Dance.

There are many popular industrial dancers today as industrial dance videos have become a form of user generated content / fan video for creative industrial music fans. Some popular dancers on YouTube include: tank9, dtoksick, Eisschrei, xxxaleeraxxx, and others.

The dance style is mainly made up of punching, kicking, martial arts movements, arm twists, jerky and quick movements, clearing and making room for oneself. It is not a dance style that you do with a partner unless it is in sync with them. In fact, there are festivals in Germany about industrial dance and there are competitions on stage like in Essen. It is an energetic, militant and sometimes hypnotic style of dance.

Industrial Dance has gained such popularity in recent times that it has been featured in Adult Swim, magazine articles, and countless parody videos that change the music to something totally alien. Be sure to see more industrial dance at Amphi fest, the Essen Original, or just on YouTube.

How to Start a Successful Import Business Over the Internet

The Internet has opened a new era of business
opportunities. Falling trade barriers combined with easy access
exchanging information thanks to the Internet have created dramatic
possibilities and sparked the growth of global online commerce in
practically in all areas.

Many companies are taking advantage of electronic media quite a bit.
aggressively making new contacts, tapping into new markets
and cost reduction with the help of online technologies.

Whether you are starting a new import business or planning
expand your existing business, you too can use the internet as
your main channel for information, product sourcing
or services, looking for suppliers and doing their marketing.

Before the internet age, finding a viable product to import
It was not an easy job! Fairs and trips abroad
were the two best options available to get to work
information about a product and its supplier. Today required
information on any imaginable product from virtually any market
it is available at your fingertips.

Find a product

If you know what you plan to import, substantial work
It is done! Otherwise, your first step is to choose a
product or service feasible to import. Whether i’m planning
to import a general merchandise or an industry-specific product,
do your homework well.

Browse through catalog repositories, B2B exchanges, electronic
trade boards, trade magazines and virtual trade shows to find a
product. If you know the country of manufacture from where
it is possible to obtain the product, refer to the specific country
portals and exchanges. Here is a list of high quality electronic devices.
trade boards:

For products made in China:

Sourcing India:

For Russian products:

Products from Europe:

From South Korea:

For other country- or industry-specific B2B exchanges
look at this list:

Your criteria for choosing a product to import should include:

Your prior knowledge of the product you intend to import and your
industry. Your chance of success increases considerably if
you know the product well.

Access to the required quantity of this product. If you spend time
and effort to develop a local market for a product and cannot
to deliver, you will lose business and reputation.

Product quality. This is a crucial aspect to develop
a market for any product. The quality of the product must be
consistent with market requirements.

High profit margin. As the import incurs many expenses that are
specific to this type of business only, before importing anything,
you must carefully calculate all the required expenses and see that
you still make big profits. You can check the sites of
your potential competitors and do a price comparison to get
Initial idea about your products current market price.

Find begging

Once you know it? What do you plan to import? your next step
is to find a reliable supplier for this product.

Electronic marketplace or B2B exchange

B2B exchanges can be of great help in getting suppliers of
products you plan to import.

The possible steps you need to take to find a provider for a
B2B exchange, listed below. As an example, is

– Register your company. This service is often free!

– Go to “Advanced Search”

– Write the name of your product in the corresponding box

– Select the required criteria and click ?? Look for ??

– You will find a list of companies.

– Take a look at each one of them until you find a suitable one.

Chamber of Commerce

Another option is to contact the Chambers of Commerce to find a provider.
A Chamber of Commerce is an association of companies that protects
and promotes the commercial interests of its members.

For a complete list of chambers of commerce in various countries
take a look at this page: [].

Best seller

If other methods did not give any fruitful results, you can
Consider posting classified ads on a variety of business forums.
There are many trade forums available on the Internet. Weather
post business leads be sure to specify your requirements
precisely. A well written advertisement will bring a much better result. Mail
your trade leads frequently until you find a good supplier for your

Once you’ve found a provider that meets your needs, check it out carefully.
Your supplier must meet the following criteria:

The supplying company must transport the product for a substantial period.
of time.

Must have export experience? preferably to your country.

You should have export references readily available.

It should be a reputable company in your country.

If the business meets the above criteria, get Dun and Bradstreet
company report to verify your financial background.

Sale of imported products

Before even thinking about importing a product or service, you should
you need to know exactly who your customers are and how you are doing
to sell their products to them. Although, there are numerous ways
to sell a product, selling over the Internet is earning
fast ground.

Sell ​​through your own website

Considering the growth of e-commerce, today, any consumer-oriented
The product is viable to sell over the Internet. Your success will be
they largely depend on your ability to market your website properly.
Your website should have the following qualities, among others:
attractive design, clearly described product specification
images, great content, fast connection, easy to use shopping cart
and a good merchant account.

Drop ship

As a drop shipping dealer, you keep inventory and your joint.
Venture partners make the sales. Once a product is sold, you get
your partner’s payment but send the product directly
to the end customer.

Sell ​​through distributors

Selling through experienced resellers in their field reduces
marketing and selling costs. If you sell products through a number
of distributors and each of these distributors uses diversified
marketing method, your sales potential is multiplied without
spend more on marketing.

Electronic market

An electronic marketplace is a business community, where you can wait
to see a large number of buyers and sellers. For a seller it is
a low-cost, highly functional and easy-to-use sales channel.
The benefits of selling products through the e-marketplace also include:

– Low cost of customer acquisition

– Improve customer service

– Efficient information exchange method

Reduce the cost of the supply chain

Entrepreneurs who want to get serious about importing should
Acquire a substantial knowledge of the process. A lot of
The information necessary to carry out an import and export business is
available on the internet. Anyone with enough enthusiasm to
learn you can easily find them and use them to build a profitable and
interesting business.

Creating Your Goal Plan, Part 1: Tips From A Life Architect

Have you ever seen people looking at a plane? Did you do it yourself? It always seems like such a wonderful experience: analyzing the details, going from a wide view to the finest details and vice versa.

In the past, I wrote about goal mapping and now I’m changing my language around goals to create a plan. Why? A map will show you how to get from one place to another, and that’s nice, but it seems to me that a map could be even better. A floor plan shows you what the end point will look like: the shape, size, and relative position of each room. A plane can be readjusted. It is personal and tangible. You set your goal within the rest of your life rather than simply giving you directions to get to a destination.

Any GPS or mapping device will ask you some questions about your trip: Where is it now? Where are you going? How do you travel (walking, public transport, driving)? Do you want the fast route or the scenic route? There are also questions related to creating a blueprint. How big will this structure be? Each room? How many rooms do I want? How are the rooms interrelated?

In this article, let’s focus on the general structure. What do you think is the general size and shape of what you are building? This is generally called an overall goal. It is a final point. Think of this overall goal as your mental image of your finished building (project). How big is it? How many stories? Because it is there? How will you use it? Perhaps the simplest way to answer these questions is to use a proven formula for setting goals: SMART goals.

Write down the biggest goal you can think of, a really long goal, something that will definitely expand your comfort zone. Now, check it against the SMART criteria and adjust it until it is as clear and robust as possible. If you don’t have a very clear idea of ​​what the finished building looks like, it will be difficult to plan individual rooms.

These are the criteria:

S – specific – Have you been as specific as possible? Can you clearly imagine this structure? Is this a country house, a beach hut, a castle in Switzerland? Maybe you want to create the perfect Manhattan apartment with park and water views, full concierge services, three bedrooms, an office, a library, a formal dining room, a breakfast bar, a laundry room, a large enough balcony area. to entertain at least 6 people, three and a half bathrooms and a state-of-the-art kitchen four blocks from the main public transportation. That is quite specific. As a business goal, it could be: In the next 24 months, I want to build a coaching and consulting business that works with rich, high-potential, high-performing women who want to put time and energy into creating their ideal lives and / or businesses and want a constant income of $ 1 million from direct services and $ 1 million from passive income while working no more than 20 hours per week, no more than 30 weeks per year.

M – measurable – Can you incorporate real measurable criteria into your goal? The above examples have measurements: number of rooms, type of rooms, dollar figures for profit, time figures for amount of work, standards for clients.

A – Achievable – Is this something you can really do? Do not go into details here, you will develop subgoals and action plans later. Is this something you are comfortable with when creating an action plan? Is this a blueprint of something you can build?

A: realistic – Can this really happen? Can you find examples of what you want to build? I have been in apartments very similar to the one I have described; I know entrepreneurs who have the business I have described. I know these are things that can and do exist.

T – Timely and time-framed – Is this the right time to work on this goal? Do I have a realistic idea how long it will take?

If you have paid close attention to the examples, you will notice that the first example does not have a time frame, although it may be timely. Supporting targets (spaces in the plan) will need to be created before a time frame can be determined for this target. The second example, however, is both timely and timed. This is driven by desire and research. All support objectives will have time frames, so it will be possible to see how quickly it can be built. That is a great start. You now have the general shape and can begin to complete your blueprint. In the next article, we’ll develop your subgoals: the number of rooms on your floor plan.

Six questions to ask yourself when choosing a pair of hunting binoculars

Choosing the right pair of hunting binoculars has never been an easy task. In today’s market it is an even more difficult decision, with the introduction of several new manufacturers. The optics industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is fast becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the hunting world. Choosing a pair of optics is like choosing the right tree support. There are so many options available that it can get confusing, to say the least. I recently sold my pair of Redhead Epic 10X42 binoculars to a friend and will have to make this difficult decision myself in the near future. In this article, I am going to discuss the questions one should ask oneself before choosing the pair of binoculars that is right for them.

The first question I have to ask myself when choosing a new pair of binoculars is “what will I use them for the most” and “what is most important to me”. Let’s start with the first part of the question. What will you use your binoculars for the most? I do a lot of tree hunting during the season, and archery season is my favorite time of year. I also take trips north when I can and use my binoculars to glaze the edges and ridges of farmland. Knowing this, I can rule out bulky oversized models, high magnification. I need a pair of binoculars that I can wear around my neck while on the stand or while stalking, that don’t get in the way, but also have the right magnification to use while sitting in large farm fields in the north or on pasture here in Florida. . Weight, size, and light gathering ability are the most important factors to me when choosing a pair of binoculars. Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

Is weight the most important feature to you? Tree stand hunters don’t want a heavy pair of binoculars weighing them on the tree, plus glass isn’t that nice with a heavy pair of optics. If you are going to use your binoculars from a vehicle or while looking in open terrain, weight may not be such a big issue for you. Just a few ounces can make a big difference when using your binoculars for several minutes at a time.

How about the size of your binoculars? Many companies now offer their binocular lines in three categories: compact, medium and large. When shooting archery, a large pair of binoculars can get in the way at crucial moments when trying to shoot. However, most compact series binoculars lack the light gathering capabilities that the medium and large models have. Many turkey hunters like to use compact binoculars that can easily fit in a shirt pocket when not in use. Having a good set of compact binoculars can be a huge advantage when you don’t need to see more than 100 yards or so. However, in open areas or in low light situations, they can hamper your ability to judge an animal from a distance. Choosing the correct size range is the next step in determining which pair is right for you.

What objective power do I need? This is probably the most common question in determining which pair of binoculars to choose. Average 7X to 16X magnification for most manufacturers, with larger magnification models available. Personally, I like the magnification of a 10X binocular. Some hunters who primarily hunt dense thickets or thickets do not need as much magnification, while other hunters in the west need magnifications greater than that while sporting distant ridges for larger game. Most archery hunters don’t need more than 7X or 8X binoculars, but if you’re also a rifle hunter, that little bit of extra power can go a long way. The magnification also depends on the size of your objective lens to know how well it will work during the early hours of the morning, late at night, or cloudy days.

How do I know what size objective lens will work best for me? Most compact and medium binoculars have objective lenses in the 25mm to 36mm size range. Full-size binoculars have objective lens sizes that range from 40mm to 56mm on average. The size of your objective lens will determine many factors in the performance of your binoculars. The smaller the objective lens, the smaller your field of view. This may not be important if all you need to see is several feet through thick bushes or trees. In open areas, smaller fields of view can make the difference between seeing a few animals in a herd and the entire herd. The size of your objective lens also has a direct impact on the light gathering ability of your binoculars.

What does the light gathering ability mean to me? Remember that the smaller the objective lens, the less light can pass through the lens into your eye. Magnification also plays a crucial role in light gathering capabilities. Lower magnification binoculars have larger fields of view, which means that more light can be passed into the pupils. The key to determining how well your binoculars will work in low-light situations is called the “exit pupil.” This term is displayed in millimeters and refers to the width of the available light coming out of the viewing end of your binoculars. The pupil of the human eye can only capture so much light in situations where available light is scarce. A pair of binoculars with an exit pupil of 5mm or more will work best in low light situations. How is this related to your objective lens size and magnification? The smaller the objective lens, the less available light can pass through the objective lens. The higher the magnification, the less available light can pass into your pupils. Keep this in mind if light gathering ability is one of your main features when choosing a pair of binoculars.

The last piece of the puzzle is the quality of the lenses and prisms in your binoculars. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies here to some extent. Most binoculars in the $ 200-plus price range have better lenses, lens coatings, and prisms. But what does all this mean? Let’s start with the lenses first. Good quality lenses will be smooth and symmetrical in size throughout. Even small flaws, waves, or discrepancies in lens density can mean lower clarity and display performance. The best way to see this difference is to buy a $ 25 pair of compact binoculars and compare them to a larger $ 300 pair. You should immediately see a huge difference in brightness and clarity across the entire field of view. Some less expensive binoculars are very clear in the center of the viewing frame, but become blurry when looking towards the edges of the field of view. Coatings that manufacturers put on lenses also aid clarity and light-gathering capabilities. It’s like looking through a pair of quality polarized sunglasses, versus a $ 5 pair at the gas station.

Prisms (which are the mirrors inside binoculars that reflect the light coming through the objective lenses to the magnifying lenses at the other end) are also important. The better the quality of the prism / mirror, the better the performance of the binocular. The last quality feature of binoculars is the gas purge. This is what manufacturers refer to by the term “fog proof”. This simply means what gas the manufacturer uses to fill their optics before sealing them. Nitrogen is the most common gas used in mid-priced binoculars due to its ability to not condense on internal lenses at varying temperatures. Most high-end binoculars are purged with argon gas, as it will not condense over a wider range of temperatures and conditions.

There are many more factors that determine the performance and quality of your binoculars. I tried to cover the most important features to consider. Remember to ask yourself the questions I have discussed above when choosing the right pair for you. Good luck in your decision and feel free to email us if you have any questions about the binoculars we offer.

Good luck,

Chet maxcy

A few things about how to trade stocks

There are two questions you must answer to learn how to trade stocks: where to order and from whom to buy the stocks.

Placing an order also means placing a buy or sell order. When selling an order, there are two ways to sell. First is the market order and second is the limit order. In market order, the prevailing market price will be the price at which the sale is executed. Meanwhile, in the other alternative, which is the ‘limit order’, both the minimum purchase price and the maximum sale price are set. In limit order, you may end up having your sell price higher than your minimum and your purchase price could also be lower than your maximum. In any case, it is the broker’s obligation to offer the best price. This means that you can still get a better deal than expected with a broker on your side.

In order to trade stocks, you need to have an account with a stock brokerage firm or perhaps an ASX-licensed broker, such as an accountant or financial planner, to guide you to the best deal. This is also to ensure that the business environment is safe and to ensure that you understand the risks involved in your decisions. There are many new investors who have sought the help of brokers to begin with; But some prefer to do their own research and use online brokers.

Most of the time, many brokers will ask you to fund a cash management account. This is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to process new purchase orders. Meanwhile, online brokers will require you to have an account with their partner financial institution before you can start trading. So how do you trade stocks with the help of Commsec? Well, they don’t actually require the funds in your account before the trade starts. How about E * Trade? On the other hand, they will require funds in an investment account, which is linked to a cash management account.

The next stop in learning how to trade stocks is answering the question of who is buying the stocks.

Typically, when stocks are purchased, they are sold to an investor on the ASX or sold directly from the institution. In any case, this is where the investor participates in an initial public offering also known as an IPO. This is where the company first sells its shares to investors.
In Initial Public Offering or floating of new shares, companies raise new funds in order to expand their business. Once the company that intends to float files information with the Securities and Investments Commission, a Prospectus is issued to the public. Information on the investment is detailed in said brochure. This is where you can get information about possible investments for a company. After reading the Prospectus and deciding that the company is a solid investment, you will need to apply for shares by completing a form and submitting it to the company with the payment per share.

There are over 1,800 companies listed on the ASX that investors like you can invest in directly.

Do you want your child to be smarter in math?

Who doesn’t want their child to be smarter in math? Who wouldn’t want to see an A on the report card, instead of that one-legged version called F?

Interestingly, it is REALLY easy to make this happen.

However, before I tell you how to make this work, before I tell you the one-step method of making your child’s math grades skyrocket to an A, let me tell you the secret: you have to make your child appreciates the math game.

They can play video games like a world class champion! And they can program their smartphone like an abacus! And the difference is that they want. And by having them play with the numbers in the form of games, they will want, they will excel, and their grades will go up.

To begin with, I taught at the school for several years. First as a teacher, then as the owner of my own private school. I used the method that I am about to tell you with great success, and I got the children to use this method during ‘playtime’. That’s how it is. Instead of them going out and playing, I had them do math and ‘think’ (hehe) they were playing.

Now the biggest lack in math education, IMHO, is the lack of basic concepts. This is the multiplication table, the addition table, the basics of how to manipulate numbers.

When I was in school (I had to walk 20 miles, uphill both ways, through the snow) we had to make a page of tables every day. Rain or shine, throughout elementary school, we did basic math.

Today they do not. They give a few pages in a book and think it is enough. It’s not. And for the simple reason that it doesn’t make math intuitive. It’s still, even in high school, something they have to think about. Think. Long, hard and laborious. Any questions why they are not doing well? The basics are TOTALLY out of the question.

So, a page from the Case family development book. Cards.

Yes. Mama Case pulled out some decks of cards and we played. We learned to play solitaire and in groups. To this day I feel deep happiness when I remember four of us, my brother, myself, my mother and even my grandmother! hitting those cards, trying to hit each other and laughing hysterically. Or cry badly when they hit us!

But the point is, we learned to look at the number symbols and understand them. The speed at which we were able to differentiate a 4 from a 6, or a 9, or whatever, allowed us to win the game. So we wanted.

And when the group wasn’t spending the night shooting cards, we learned other games. Various forms of individual solitaire. Hearts, Rummy, whatever!

And here was an interesting advantage: when we played monopoly with the neighborhood children, we became experts in reading the dice, in adding those cubes filled with one of the six digits face up!

Do you think it won’t work? SAY AH! That is like saying that your child is immune to games. But if there really is a lack of enthusiasm, take another page from Mama Case’s book.

‘Oh, don’t you want to play? Fuck, I was going to bet a cookie. But that’s okay. I’ll eat that cookie myself, and you can see those yummy crumbs dripping down the front of my shirt.

Guaranteed. Those kids of yours will make math a game, they’ll become experts at manipulating numbers, and when the time comes to learn a new math concept, they’ll be LIGHT YEARS ahead of the curve.

5 tips for becoming a college softball player

If you have a dream of becoming a college softball player, these five tips will help you. They always told me to put school first, that’s why school is the number one tip.

1. School will always come first. If it’s not the first now, do it first. In most colleges and universities, you are required to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) to not only stay on the list, but also to play. In most cases, your GPA should be 2.0-2.5.

2. Know that you will make mistakes, but you will have to be able to eliminate those mistakes. You have to keep going and not let a bad turn interfere with you on the next turn. You can think of it as if you are flushing the toilet, you are not going to the bathroom and you are not flushing. So if you have a bad at-bat or if you make a mistake, “flush” it like you’re flushing a toilet. Once you rinse it off, it disappears.

3. Practice does not make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect. I know you think and have been told that nobody is perfect, but you can be the PERFECT you. Be the best you can be.

4. It can get better or worse, not stay the same. There is no point staying “as good as you are today”. Why not live to be better tomorrow than you are today? To improve you need to practice. That doesn’t mean you just attend practice, that means you show up, work hard, and improve your skills.

5. Begin contacting college / university coaches in your sophomore year in high school, the sooner you give your name and information to the coaches the better. Also, don’t just contact 2-5 schools at first. You need to make a list of a list of each and every school you want to go to. Communicate with as many coaches as you can. Consider if you need to know their skill level. Do not try to squash any dreams of playing in a Division 1 (D1) University. But if your skill level is not at least equivalent to that of current players, you may not want to contact the coach. Community colleges have excellent programs to offer student athletes. You can start at a community college and improve your skills and learn to play at a higher level than in high school. Then after playing community college, you can continue to attend college.

How to lose 70 pounds in 4 and a half months

The routine that I followed– The key to successful weight loss is to create a routine, and in this way, eat and exercise at almost the same time of day!

The first thing to do is stop overeating. I know it sounds easy, but it is really difficult to do it. I was able to stick to a diet plan for 5-6 days, but out of nowhere I was able to ingest over 3,000 calories in one meal and all the hard work I did was gone in 10 minutes. Of course I felt terrible after that, but it was too late.

YES, I was binge eaters and it took me 6 to 7 months to learn to control my food addiction and emotional eating. The good news is that you can do it much faster, because you have the mindset manual. So if you haven’t read it yet, please do so right now!

This is what I did when I started …

I first made the decision to do this for 3-4 months no matter what, because my goal was to lose 70 pounds …

I started drinking a lot of water with lemon juice, to cleanse my entire system of toxins. Always have a bottle with you and set your alarm to go off every 45 minutes to remind you to drink water.

I use to prepare my water the day before. You can also do it in the morning, however each morning you should start with a large glass of lemon water, followed by your morning workout.

Then followed by breakfast, then a sandwich and lunch around 1. I used to eat 2 more sandwiches later, followed by a light dinner. Almost every night I used to jog or walk for 30 minutes, and at least 2 days a week, I would go to the gym for a 30-minute strength training.

The routine to lose weight fast!

– morning: – drink a large glass of lemon water (at room temperature),

– my morning workout – I gave you some examples of intense workouts, however this is the most effective – just 5 minutes of: stretching and a little worm; Then do: 5 burpees, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30 sit-ups, and 50 jumps. Repeat this routine 5 times. It will take you about 15-20 to do this morning routine, but it will burn about 200 calories. This will increase blood flow and metabolism. Do this short workout tomorrow morning!

– breakfast: choose one of the options that I have presented in the diet manual.

– snack 1: a small fruit salad

– early lunch: salad, light cheese (not too much) and grilled meats, olive oil. You can choose whatever from the diet plan.

– snack 2: my favorite protein cookies. which contains a lot of protein and only 150 calories.

– Dinner: grilled fish with grilled vegetables (boiled is fine, but as far as possible, they should be almost raw).

– Drink 2-3 liters of water with lemon in the middle and freshly squeezed juice: again, I try to go for vegetables instead of fruits, and especially those that stimulate the female metabolism, such as beets and carrots.

– every night and during the day, more lemon water or green tea.

– 2 ingredients that should be in your daily meal plan are: coconut oil and cinnamon. These 2 are so essential for weight loss and should be consumed on a daily basis, because they increase the body’s ability to burn fat!

You can use coconut oil / butter for all of your cooking and if you don’t cook, try consuming 2 teaspoons of coconut butter – have one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It tastes great! And cinnamon, you can sprinkle it over fruit in your tea or coffee!

The truth is, I followed this routine for over 4 months and lost over 70 pounds.

I also recommend that you do another workout in the afternoon, 2 days a week. A longer one, which can take up to 45 minutes, in which you do strength training.

I also used to use the massage brush on my thighs and legs.

This is a great tool, because massaging your thighs, glutes, stomach area, and even arms will increase blood flow to these areas and break down fat deposits.

For best results, I recommend using it daily with any cream – even olive oil or coconut oil is great!

The most important aspect for you if you want to lose weight is perseverance. It doesn’t matter if you are lazy, you don’t feel like exercising, you need to drop the excuses and move on.

So my advice is to start TODAY! Don’t wait another day … at least create the schedule TODAY and start tomorrow! Don’t forget to share this article on How To Lose 70 Pounds With Your Friends Through Social Media.

Should senile human elders be allowed to serve as Supreme Court justices?

The other day, there was a Supreme Court Justice at C-SPAN giving an interview. I felt completely bad for that member of the Supreme Court because they almost didn’t make any sense. Although they were semi-coherent, I am not convinced that they knew what they were talking about. Perhaps your helpers and interns are doing all the work, and they are just sticking to what they knew in the past and sticking to party lines. I have a problem with this. Why do you ask?

Well, I would like to explain it like this; We live in a very complex society, things are constantly changing, and although the principles of the law may be the same, it is very difficult for me to justify the wisdom of a senile person, or almost, to decide how my family and I will live. in the future. There should be some kind of intellectual test each year for the justices of the Supreme Court in the United States of America to continue their service. I know they are appointed for life, but I think we might need to change that. With a new law thus introduced in our country, would it be abused?

Yes, it could be. However, there is always that risk, I would say that we are all under the potential harm of being harmed, all citizens of the United States, if we are to continue this, keeping people alive with half-brain withered pharmaceuticals. That could be very harsh, and I know there was lobbying by one of the big retirement associations to prevent Florida from conducting driving tests on people over the age of ninety. Therefore, they simply renewed the driver’s licenses for these people. Unfortunately, it is killing people, causing accidents and it is not okay.

We require continuing licensing education for real estate people, insurance brokers, financial planners, and all kinds of other professionals. We should do the same with the lawyers and justices of the Supreme Court. If members of the Supreme Court are exempt from this kind of continuing education and licensing, something that measures their competence, then one might wonder if we are keeping these justices alive anyway for political reasons, until the next administration comes in to replace them. No, I’m not pointing fingers, not yet.

Remember, I’m writing this article because I watched an interview with a member of the United States Supreme Court on C-SPAN, and I couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth or the barely coherent responses during the interview. I cannot imagine these people involved in a complex debate and dialogue deciding the future law that will determine the future of this great country. Consider all of this and think about it.