White Women Who Prefer Black Men: How To Attract Black Men Who Love White Women?

White women who prefer black men, do you want to know how to attract black men who love white women? Listen carefully because here are some critical tips that can help you get what you want.

I’m going to explain to you what black people are looking for, how to get them to love you. Finally I will explain how to please them and make them love you for a long term relationship.

What are black men looking for who love white women?

The most important thing to remember is this: to attract black men who love white women, you need to understand what they are looking for.

Like most men, they want a lady they can trust and who is caring. In a way, you must be a secondary mother figure. However, before you can express these characteristics, you must first get hot black men to notice you and love you.

No matter how much people try to deny it, if you don’t make an immediate impact on a person, the chances of you getting somewhere with them are very low.

How to make black men date white women love you

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to get black men dating white women, you must first get their attention to have a chance. If the guy you want is sexy, he will have a lot of attention and options.

So you should let his jaw drop to the ground when he first sees you. It’s basically a little shallow, but you need to take advantage of your sex appeal.

Make sure you are well dressed and expose some meat so that he wants to see you naked. Try not to overdo it or it may feel like you look cheap.

If this happens, you will never get their respect and will take your relationship to the next level.

How to make black men who love white women stay with you

The next step, once you know how to attract black men who love white women, is to get them to stick around and build a relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to show your maternal qualities so that he can imagine living with you. Invite him and cook him a delicious meal. Make him feel comfortable and let him see that you know how to treat a man.

Then to top it all off, give him pleasure to see that you offer him the complete package, everything a guy wants.

Pot CEO offers $ 10k reward to bring Lebron to its Comic-Con booth

BudTrader Exec is determined to show Lebron the BudTrader experience and ask the new Laker some pointed questions.

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 16 – BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin aims to deliver the most exaggerated party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International. The cannabis tech entrepreneur will offer $ 10,000 to anyone who can get NBA superstar Lebron James to attend the BudTrader Nerd headquarters at this weekend’s convention.

In a statement, McLaughlin set very clear rules for his reward for LeBron.

“You can’t kidnap him,” McLaughlin stipulates. “No, I mean you literally can’t. He’s 6’8”, 300 pounds, has a 40-inch vertical and is the best athlete of our generation. So we will have to appeal to Lebron in ways other than brute force. “

The second rule proposed by McLaughlin is that LeBron has to hang out at the BudTrader Nerd headquarters for at least 23 minutes. “Do not walk!” Says McLaughlin, “We want to meet you and see what he’s all about. Are you that interested in us? Are you here to win titles? Or are you here to go to Magic Johnson on becoming a billionaire and having an NBA What we really want to know is: “Are you waiting for time to run out, ticking a clock, stuck in this messy LA traffic like the rest of us, until you can pull back and browse? 22-year-old models at the sky bar like everyone else? other retirees from Los Angeles? “

Third, McLaughlin says he will allow Lebron to ‘give himself up’ by showing up to the BudTrader Comic-Con experience on his own. In this case, BudTrader will donate the $ 10,000 reward to a worthy cause. McLaughlin suggests that LeBron consider investing the money in what he considers to be ‘the noblest cause’, hiring an In-N-Out burger truck to attend the BudTrader experience at San Diego Comic-Con and feed attendees of SoCal – Lebron’s new fans. The NBA megastar just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in an incredibly publicized decision. “If Lebron is an LA Laker now, and a LA guy, he needs to know about the In-N-Out Burger, damn it! We’re trying to win an NBA Championship here folks!”

McLaughlin then lays out the fourth rule for his LeBron James reward: No Smoking LeBron! “It’s not the first time we’ve met him, at least!” he adds, continuing with sound reasoning, “Magic Johnson, the Lakers and their management team will not let him come near us if they think we are going to smoke him. All we need is for Lebron to test positive for THC.” and being suspended by the NBA due to BudTrader. I have enough problems right now, so … No smoking King James people! Wait until we win a Championship and then we’ll smoke with Lebron, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Rick Fox (I feel like since Rick Fox is a handsome guy, he would be a good guy to have in the championship after the party. Hot girls will probably follow him and we don’t want the championship after the party. to be a sausage party.) “

The BudTrader Nerd venue is slated to be one of the most talked about events at Comic-Con, and is touted as a live streaming experience to rival even big-budget studios and shows. “Our audience is going to be larger than broadcasters like the entire audience for TBS,” McLaughlin said. The brand will host daily events such as exclusive movie and TV show trailers, video game tournaments (including a showdown between professional female players), celebrity interviews and live performances by a mystery hip-hop star. The entire experience will be streamed live on TV, radio, Twitch, and livestream in collaboration with local and national channels to broadcast the BudTrader Experience to millions of people. McLaughlin says the events that have been publicly announced so far only represent a fraction of the tricks BudTrader has up its sleeve to wow attendees at Comic-Con International 2018.

This won’t be the first year BudTrader has made a scene at Comic-Con. The infamous BudTraders superyacht party of 2017 resulted in his controversial expulsion after just two days. The Budtrader yacht was unceremoniously pulled out of the harbor in the middle of the night. This caused BudTrader to lose its planned extravaganza for Saturday, along with tens of thousands of dollars in losses due to the cancellation. Last year, BudTrader’s presence at Comic-Con was covered by publications such as the High Times, Times of San Diego, The San Diego Union Tribune, and more than 400 other media outlets.

BudTrader is the largest online cannabis marketplace, with platforms available in all 28 states where cannabis use is legal, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. With over a million people registered to its platform, BudTrader’s user base rivals that of industry giants Weedmaps and Leafly.

China’s coal pricing mechanism needs to be improved

The peak season for coal consumption in China usually begins before the Chinese New Year. Coupled with the unusual snowstorm in the southern provinces this year, coal prices in China soared furiously in a short period of time in early 2008.

In the Qinhuangdao transit hub, major coal prices hit a record high in January 2008, more than 20% from just a month ago, and these increases add to the continued upward trend in coal prices since 2004. The Coal is the most important source of energy in China, accounting for 70% of the national energy consumption. Why would the price of coal continue to rise in recent years?

“Tight balance” between supply and demand

The trend of the price of coal in China is closely related to its price formation mechanism. And the reform progress in China’s coal price mechanism in recent years has shown a clear trend towards commodification.

In the era of the planned economy, the government set coal prices uniformly. In 1993, China began to relax the selling prices of coal products other than thermal coal, which accounted for 50% of total coal consumption in China, so the price of thermal coal was still subject to a price mechanism. dual of “planned coal” and “market coal”. In late 2004, the government announced the “Electricity and Coal Price Linking Mechanism”, which allows periodic increases in the price of electricity once the price of thermal coal increases by 5% or more in the last 6 months. , and the price of thermal coal in turn can be determined by negotiation. between sellers and buyers of coal in the market. For various reasons, the price of thermal coal was not initially traded, but the price differences under the dual price mechanism began to converge. In 2007, the 50-year-old government system that used to organize annual coal ordering meetings between coal producers, transporters and users was finally phased out, and now suppliers and buyers are beginning to negotiate prices independently based on market circumstances. , under the framework of government macro control. .

In this context, the relationship between supply and demand has now become the main factor in determining coal prices. From a consumption mix perspective, the electricity, metallurgical, chemical and building materials industries, which collectively account for 70% of total coal consumption, are the main coal users in China. In the first three quarters of 2007, the output of China’s coal, coke, crude steel and cement power industries had grown by 16.7%, 19.4%, 17.6% and 15% respectively during the period. comparable previous, far outpacing crude coal production growth of 11% in the same period. On the one hand, the demand for coal had increased significantly. On the other hand, the government was ordering the closure of small and medium-sized coal mines and limiting the expansion of coal mine capacity, thus reducing the growth of coal supply. And rail transportation in China has long been a bottleneck for coal. As a result of all these factors, the supply and demand for coal in China has been in a “tight balance” situation for years.

Coal prices in China started to decline in 1997 and bottomed out in 2001. The problem of coal shortages began to surface in 2004. Although coal producers had been expanding their production in subsequent years, with an increase of 8 , 2% in production only in 2007, however, the supply shortage failed to alleviate. Therefore, coal producers in China have made extraordinary profits in recent years, thanks to the constant increase in coal prices.

Experts predicted that national crude coal production in 2008 would be similar to the 2007 level, with about 2.73 billion tonnes of production, against an expected demand of 2.728 billion tonnes. Although there may be tightness in certain regions and coal products, China’s coal market as a whole is expected to reach equilibrium this year, with coal prices remaining high.

“Total cost” reflecting scarcity of resources

Coal prices in China not only reflect the interaction between supply and demand, but are also beginning to reflect associated resource scarcity and environmental costs. Therefore, the crystallization of regulatory costs is another important reason for the steady increase in coal prices in China.

Previously, most coal mining rights in China could be acquired with little compensation, and safety, environmental and rehabilitation costs had not been included in the normal cost of coal. This not only did not reflect the true value of the resources, but also led to uncompensated resource consumption and unrecovered environmental damage. For many state-owned coal companies, they also faced legacy problems, such as rebuilding depleted coal mines and staff reemployment difficulties.

To solve these problems, China began to implement the mineral resource compensated use system in September 2006, and the coal industry took the reform test. The State Council initiated a pilot system of compensated use of coal resources in eight of the main coal-producing provinces, and miners had to pay for exploration and extraction rights. China’s regulators are also contemplating further reforms to resource taxes and resource offset charges.

In addition, Shanxi province, one of the main sources of coal in China, plans to implement a trial scheme for sustainable development of coal companies this year. One of the important features is to raise and establish three funds, namely the Coal Sustainable Development Funds, the Mine Environmental Recovery Fund and the Coal Mine Redevelopment Fund. And these three funds, along with mining rights, will be included in total coal production costs from now on. Therefore, in addition to production costs, charcoal producers must now factor in environmental, resource, ecological and redevelopment costs, hence the “total costs” of charcoal production.

Rising costs will undoubtedly put pressure on coal companies. In the first three quarters of 2007, Chinese-listed coal companies posted an average gross margin of 30.31%, 4.82% less than in the same period last year, mainly because of rising regulatory costs it had outpaced the growth of coal prices in that period.

Non-coal costs

The increase in production costs is not the only reason for the increase in coal prices. China has a complex coal distribution chain, which has recently become even more expensive, so these non-coal costs are also responsible for rising coal prices in China. It is understood that the prices of ocean freight contracts for coal have increased from 40 to 50 yuan per ton before 2007 to the current price of 100 yuan per ton.

The “coal energy tension” between coal producers, power generation plants and power distribution grids, acting in their own interest within the value chain, has long drawn public attention. . Although coal prices continued to rise in January this year, the government did not increase electricity prices accordingly under the “Coal-Electricity Price Linkage Mechanism”, due to macro control considerations (on inflation) . In this circumstance, the price of thermal coal became a hot spot between coal producers and energy producers.

Experts suggested that the improvement in China’s coal pricing mechanism should progress alongside reforms in related industries such as power generation, railways and ports. In addition, China is now facing upward pressure on overall prices, so stabilizing prices and avoiding serious inflation will be the main objective of macroeconomic control. An effective coal pricing mechanism must not only respect the principle of the market economy, but also take into account the issue of macroeconomic control of the government and the affordability of downstream industries.

4 details of a masterpiece design kitchen

Having a stylish designer kitchen is undoubtedly a dream come true. In fact, there is something better than this, and it comes in the form of a designer kitchen with fine details. It is the details that make the kitchen as functional and beautiful as you would like it to be. There are a few tricks to creating features in such a way that they make a difference without you even noticing. Here are some of these secrets when it comes to key aspects of cooking:

A world of departures

Socket Moldings Under Cabinets – If you like discretion, you can place socket moldings just below the cabinets on the wall. It is convenient and leaves your backsplash neat.

Coordinate the color of the plugs – Electricians often prefer white plugs. Although the color is not bad, it creates a contrast that detracts from the beauty of splashes that are not white. Well, you can coordinate the color of your outlets with that of your backsplash tiles.

Pop-up Plugs: One more plug-less option you have is pop-up plugs. As it disappears into the countertop, this type of outlet is quite useful in areas without wall cabinets that hide the trim of the plugs.

Rotate the outlets sideways; If you are sure about wall outlets, you can install them on their side. That way you can position them closer to the counter, contributing to a less obstructive profile.

Light up your designer kitchen

Task lighting: If there’s one thing that can make your life easier, it’s task lighting. With some under-cabinet lighting, you can illuminate different areas of the countertop, making food preparation easier. Install work lights in the front of the cabinets, not the rear.

Bright Cabinets – Installing LED lighting strips on both sides of a cabinet creates bright shelves. Hide the strips behind the face frame and it will have a fantastic ambient effect in the kitchen.


Panels hide your dishwasher; Regardless of whether you are coating your refrigerator, you can place panels in the dishwasher. As it contributes to a more harmonious look in the kitchen, uninterrupted by a gray stainless steel area.

Hide your microwave: If you can’t do without a microwave, you can just get one and hide it. Instead of taking up valuable space on your countertops. For this purpose, you can get a wall cabinet with one of them hinged doors.


Don’t overload the hood – If you’re using a chimney hood, make sure there is at least 3 inches between it and the cabinets to the left and right. This has the visual advantage of not obstructing the space. Also, the wall cabinets are sure to stay clean longer this way.

Glass Cabinets Next to Hood – This combo may be visually pleasing but hardly practical. It requires continuous cleaning of dirt and grease, which means these cabinets are best installed elsewhere.

Now that you know these detailed secrets, you can better plan your designer kitchen. Make sure to follow the advice and the place will turn out even better.

2012 Chevy Camaro

Since the late 1960s, the muscle car has been loved and enjoyed as a simple and powerful car that is not designed for any average driver. One of the first and most successful companies in the sports car manufacturing game is Chevrolet. Chevy has been producing powerful V8 engines since the 1950s and this gave them a huge advantage in the muscle car world. In 1966, Chevy introduced the new Chevy Camaro in response to Ford’s new Mustang. Both cars were highly successful and the rivalry between the two cars created a cult following on both sides. In drag racing, competitive trans-am racing, and simple road car versions, the Camaro and Mustang have a rivalry that continues to thrive in the 21st century.

After the first Camaro launch in 1966, Chevy opted for new designs for each generation of new Camaros. After the fourth-generation Camaro, Chevy decided to change the look of the car again. This new design, however, would bring back the vibe of the original. In 2010, for the fifth generation of Camaros, Chevy designed a retro-inspired Camaro following the original lines and design of the original. He had a bold and aggressive attitude about it and it became an instant hit.

Now, Chevy has done it again. They have created a new beast, the 2012 Chevy Camaro. This Camaro continues the sixth generation just as they did the last 2 years, except now buyers have some new options.

Standard 2012 Chevy Camaro buyers have the following models available:

• LS 1LS
• LS 2LS
• LT 1LT
• LT 2LT

These “baseline” models feature the same V6 engine version that produces 323 horsepower and 278 lb.-ft. of rubber drop. of torque. With so much power, the knee-jerk question any savvy shopper would ask is when it comes to fuel economy. The 2012 Chevy Camaro can proudly answer that question. Even with an engine that makes more than three hundred and twenty horsepower, the Camaro gets an EPA estimate of 30 miles per gallon on the highway. It’s a great compromise between power and efficiency with the added bonus of being a legendary symbol of American power.

Camaro extends to the buyer a V8 engine option that further pushes the speed and power limit with the following models:

• SS 1SS
• SS 2SS

Anyone who knows the history of the Chevy SS badge knows that it stands for power. The SS logo, which stands for “Super Sport,” has appeared on Chevy stems from the Nova and Chevelle to the Camaro. Today, the symbol means the same thing. The 2012 Chevy Camaro SS lineup shares a powerful V8 engine that produces a staggering 426 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. You can trust this power to be more than enough to get you to and from work on time.

For those who aren’t satisfied with being pulled over just once a day, there is another version of the 2012 Chevy Camaro. This new, barely legal, road-legal Camaro shares its engine design with that of the Chevy Corvette, the fastest car ever. Chevy has to offer. Producing 580 horsepower and 556 lb.-ft. of torque, this 6.2L supercharged V8 is no joke. The engine, of course, isn’t the only thing Chevy put its heart into. The car also comes with an improved suspension, gearbox, traction control and “Stabilitrak” stability control. Chevy announced that the car was designed and built to be racetrack ready from the showroom floor. This beast is definitely not for the weak, nor should it be taken lightly. Chevy has really done its homework and designed a car that gives the competition a run for their money.

The 2012 Chevy Camaro lineup has carried the Camaro name into the future with the same legendary pride and power expected from Chevy. Every year, Chevy seems to outperform itself at making cars that run both on the track and on fuel pumps, and the Camaro is a very healthy compromise on both ends. It is not known how far the Camaro will advance in future generations, but Chevy will surely keep up the surprises. One can’t help but be impressed with the power, engineering, and impressive design that can be found in the new 2012 Chevy Camaro.

Decorate your aquarium with children’s toys

There are many alternatives when it comes to decorating your aquarium instead of buying them in a store. You can search your home for unique items that you no longer need, or you can raid your child’s toy box. Yes, you heard right. Children’s toys can be used as decorations for fish tanks.

What makes children’s toys perfect as tank ornaments is how detailed most of them are. These toys generally represent characters from famous cartoon shows and action movies and would be the perfect theme in your fish tank.

Since they are made for children, this should mean that they are safe and do not contain any toxic materials. This is especially true for more established brands, but I’d be a bit wary of toys made by smaller, lesser-known toy companies. It is common knowledge that there have been toys originating from third world countries that were made from materials that are considered toxic. But being a good parent, I am sure you would have checked the safety of toys for your children before buying them. Safe for children would generally mean safe for fish. Even so, we will have to consider some precautions before placing them in the tank water.

Children’s toy safety check

The first thing we want to make sure is that there are no metal parts anywhere on the toy. Metal rusts in water and can seriously contaminate it. These metal parts can be in the form of screws, springs, or other components. Remove them if there are any. Do not leave a small piece of metal in the toy, even if it is deep inside. Water seeps into the deepest recesses of any object and will enter the metal part.

Do not leave batteries in the toy. You may think it’s cool to allow it some automation, but it’s dangerous for your fish. A battery is a cylinder that contains some of the most toxic chemicals and seeps into the water. This applies to toys that are said to be waterproof. Being waterproof and immersing yourself in water for indefinite periods of time are two totally different things.

Check the paint job on the toy. Established brand toys have their paint molded into the plastic. This makes them less likely to contaminate the water. However, toys that have been painted in colors are something to avoid. Over time, the paints will leach into the water and poison it. To find out if the paint is molded or painted, you can scrape the surface with a utility knife. If the paint comes off as a powder, it is most likely painted.

Lastly, make sure there are no sharp parts that could harm the fish. If there are, trim them with a file. These sharp points and edges can cause injury that can result in death.

Preparing the toys

Once you have found the perfect toys for your aquarium, you must first prepare them before throwing them in the water.

You must first wash them well. First let them soak for a couple of minutes in diluted bleach. Make sure the bleach is well diluted or it could discolor the paint. Soaking them in bleach kills any microorganisms that will definitely be on the toys.

Then wash the bleach thoroughly under running water. Never use any type of detergent to clean anything that you can put in the aquarium water. Detergent will leave a residue that will contaminate the water, no matter how hard you try to wash it.

After rinsing, air dry toys in sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays remove microorganisms from the balance of the toy. Your toys are now ready to use in the aquarium.

Preschool Easter crafts for kids are a great way to keep them active this Easter.

Working with preschoolers is great as they are generally very enthusiastic when it comes to getting things done and creating lots of arts and crafts projects within the classroom. They are usually around 3 or 4 years old, which means they are fed up with the harsh world around them and still have great optimism. They generally want to please and receive praise from adults and teachers, so they go to great lengths in everything they do.

This enthusiasm also extends to preschool Easter crafts for kids in the classroom. No matter what activity you put in front of them, you can generally bet they’ll try well. Anyone who works with children will practically tell you the same thing.

That’s why Easter is a popular time in the classroom when it comes to getting creative with arts and crafts. The great thing about Easter is that there are tons of things to do, from Easter baskets to decorating Easter eggs.

Some Great Easter Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

You are really only limited by your imagination and the tools you have in your classroom when it comes to designing preschool Easter crafts for kids this year. Of course, you have to make sure that these little ones are supervised if they use scissors and that they have the appropriate safety sheets.

You can start your preschoolers with a simple Easter arts and crafts idea that is always popular this time of year. Take a card of different colors, reds, pinks, blues, etc. and cut them into long strips. Then, using security glue tape, have your class weave the card together to create a simple Easter basket shape. You can also bring some tissue paper to line the bottom of your baskets. Another piece of cardstock of different colors can be folded to form an ad hoc handle as well.

If your preschoolers have access to computers, they can go online (with a little help) and print out some Easter-themed images like Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter chicks, etc. that can be printed and used as decoration for your Easter baskets.

An excuse to talk about Easter

While your little ones are busy making their Easter baskets, you can tell them all about Easter and what it means to you so they can get a little background on why they are making their baskets.

Who would have thought that Easter crafts for preschoolers were such a great way to get your students actively involved in a great activity that promotes group work and good communication skills.

StarCraft 2 Guide One Achievements – How To Complete This Challenge

StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements are very easy to complete. This is the initial challenge for StarCraft 2 players and is a great way for new players to get used to StarCraft 2. If you played the original StarCraft, the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements will be very easy to complete as they are designed for new players.

The first task in the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements is the “Challenge Accepted” achievement. This requires the player to complete 3 of the single player “challenges” on Bronze difficulty. You can find these missions by clicking on the “Single Player” tab and then on the “Challenges” tab. The easiest challenges to complete are the “beginner” challenges.

You only need to complete these missions on Bronze difficulty for the achievement. The challenges are very forgiving of “bronze” requirements, so you shouldn’t have a problem completing this part of the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements.

The next challenge that you will be assigned is the achievement “Beginner in Custom Games”. To complete this achievement, you must create and win 3 custom games against a computer opponent. Go to the “Multiplayer” tab and click “Create Custom Game”.

Add 1 computer opponent of any strength (easy if you are a beginner) to the other team and click “play”. You can’t have other human partners to complete this achievement, so make sure it’s just you against the computer. Win three games like this to complete this achievement.

The last task you have to complete is the “cooperative newbie”. To complete this, you need to win 3 cooperative games of any kind. Actually, this is the easiest challenge; In the “Multiplayer” tab, click “Join Cooperative Play” and enter a game with any number of players against a computer opponent. This is quite an easy task as it can literally be you and three other players in front of an easy computer.

Once you complete all of these achievements, you will be awarded the “Medal of Combat” achievement. This means that you have finally completed all of the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements.

In short, you need to complete the following tasks:

– Challenge Accepted: Completed by completing 3 Challenge Missions with a rating of Bronze or higher.

– Custom Game Beginner – Complete by winning 3 games against a computer opponent when playing alone.

– Cooperative Beginner: Completed by winning a cooperative game involving human partners against a computer opponent.

By completing these tasks, you too can complete StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements!

Does lifting weights make women look less feminine?

So this is something I hear a lot when talking to new clients at the gym. The fitness regimen for many women consists of a long cardio session, with perhaps some very light exercises with high repetitions. When I ask “why are you training like you are”? Most of the time the client will tell me that they are trying to lose some body fat and tone their physique.

Some go into more detail about how they want to tone their arms, have smaller, more well-defined legs, or have a flatter stomach with some muscle tone underneath. Now unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reduction, it is physically impossible for a human to lose body fat in a specific area of ​​the body, but that is a whole new topic for another day.

I always ask them if they include any weight training in their program, and most women say no, or yes, but with light weights and lots of reps. But why is this the case? Most women avoid the weights area because they fear that lifting heavy weights will lead to significant muscle gain, and they just want to tone up after all. It’s hard to figure out where the idea of ​​”toning up” came from, since there’s really no such thing, you’re either building muscle or not.

The toned look many women strive for is established through weight training to build muscle underneath and then lose body fat overhead through a well-structured nutrition program. Hours of cardio and high repetition, low weight training will only leave you frustrated with few results. Most of my clients say they have avoided weight in the past for fear of becoming “bulky” or having muscles like men. While I’m sure we’ve all seen images of female bodybuilders, and I have great respect for the hard work and dedication they put into their passion, it’s impossible for women to look like this after a short period of weight training. If it was that easy, why don’t all men who lift weights look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Phil Heath?

While it is possible for a man to build muscle quickly and easily, this is not the case for women. But why is that? It all comes down to hormones. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for building muscle, and although women have some testosterone, it does not come close to the level of men. So it stands to reason that they can build some muscle, but not as fast or as fast as men.

So what happens when women lift weights? They build muscle slowly, which will help improve their physique. More muscle tissue in the legs makes the thighs and butt more shaped, and further development of the arms can help fight bingo wings. Building muscle tissue in the shoulders and back will create the illusion of a smaller waist and help create the hourglass leak.

But what about body fat? While weight lifting burns calories, the only way to lose body fat is to establish a calorie deficit, through a well structured nutrition program, as mentioned in a previous blog “the only diet that really works.” If you decide that you want to look more toned and therefore dieting too hard to lose fat, with little muscle underneath, you end up with a skeleton in the end. However, with some well defined muscle, you will create that toned, “wonder woman” physique you are looking for.

So to conclude, women should lift weights as it will give them the physique that many women seek by building “toned” muscles and helping you lose fat so that you are in top shape.

Native American Bar Association

The National Native American Bar Association NNABA serves those who practice Indian law. It exists to advocate for the social, political, cultural, and legal issues that affect American Indians, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives. Offers regular, associate and special memberships.

The NNABA represents Indian nations as well as individuals. Attorneys are traditionally citizens of the United States and its tribal nation. As tribal citizens, members are responsible for helping protect the governmental sovereignty of Native American tribal governments.

The NNABA was created in 1973 as the American Indian Lawyers Association. Then the name was changed to the American Indian Bar Association and eventually it became the Native American Bar Association. When chapters were established in 1980 for each of the respective state Indian bar associations, the organization adopted the name of the National Native American Bar Association. Each chapter is assigned one vote on the Board of Directors, and the association exists to represent all indigenous peoples on the lands of the United States.

The goals of the NNABA are to protect the autonomy of native tribal nations and tribal judicial systems. The Association serves to promote understanding of the distinctive legal status of Native Americans and the inclusion of Indian law in state bar exams, particularly in states with tribal governments.

According to the Constitution of the United States, Indian tribes are sovereign entities. Indians do not have to pay taxes. Tribal governments have all the responsibilities of anyone else, including the government, which includes providing education and health care to their citizens, as well as keeping them safe. Tribes have their own infrastructures, including judicial systems, police forces, prisons, etc.

There is a growing problem that law school applicants lie about being Native Americans. To be a Native American, one must have tribal citizenship, not just ethnicity. As a tribal citizen, you are assigned an enrollment number that is used in a similar way to a Social Security number. Census data reported an increase of 228 Native American attorneys between 1999-2000. However, law schools had 2,500 Native American graduates. The discrepancy highlights the huge problem.

The law school curriculum barely mentions the fact that there are three separate legal structures within the United States. Schools, especially where indigenous tribes are located, must integrate the indigenous law curriculum into their programs. NNABA works diligently with schools to help make necessary reforms.

For more information about the Native American Bar Association or help finding a lawyer, visit http://www.attorneysandlawyers4you.com.