What my puppy taught me about expectations in relationships

I adopted a puppy five days ago. I have to admit it was fun starting a new adventure!

On our first day together, this beautiful three-year-old girl recently named Tonza pointed out something to me: how strongly expectations will influence a new relationship, any new relationship.

When adopting a new pet, one may have some preconceived expectations about their new best friend and companion. I know I did! Typical expectations that people may have of a new dog include:

• Instantly become friends with the new partner.

• Develop immediate mutual loyalty and trust.

• Expect the dog to meet certain standards of behavior.

• To start enjoying sharing the good times, start when you leave the animal shelter.

Along the way, these are reasonable expectations.

But every dog, like you and me and every other human being, is different with its own characteristics, circumstances, and provisions. Each will react differently to the same environment and situation. Each person or animal has a different past, full of baggage and challenges. The bottom line is that your new friend has to learn to live with you just as much as you have to learn to live with him. As in any relationship, you will find that at some times your expectations are exceeded while at other times they are not fully met.

It is interesting to note that human relations experts say that the biggest problem in any relationship today is expectations. Whether it’s a romantic, friendship, or professional relationship, we often wait too long too fast. And that can spell disaster.

So how can you avoid waiting too soon? How do you know when to hold on and when to let go? Experts say it all comes down to a few old-fashioned statutes:

1. Don’t rush, but let the relationship slowly deepen.

2. Be open to those who don’t fit your “ideal” without sacrificing your standards.

3. Think about what you bring to the relationship, not what you get out of it.

4. Solve the problems to have a stronger relationship in the end.

5. Be patient!

Managing your expectations will free you from getting caught up in heartbreak, frustration, and heartbreak. Relationships don’t always go as planned, but if we can learn to cope with our expectations, we can learn to make the most of every relationship around us.

I am very grateful for this reminder from my new partner Tonza about expectations. I hope to have more learning moments with him.

What is the most memorable lesson your pet has taught you?

CISSP Exam Certificate 2021 – About Really CISSP Online Exam are Easy

Pass CISSP Exam Online & Pay Us After You Pass

CISSP Exam Certificate 2021 – About Really CISSP Online Exam are Easy

If you’re aspiring to take the CISSP Exam for the Australian IT Security Management course, you can now do this from your own home. Now, if you’re thinking about how the cissp exam online from home could possibly help you prepare for your future career, let me tell you that it can hurt, nay, it can kill it! Imagine this scenario; you’re sitting in front of your PC at work, trying to study for the examination, and before you know it, you’re behind on the material. Do you know what happens next? Well, there are people who have tried to study for their exams this way and have failed miserably.

That’s not what we want to happen, so instead, what we have planned to do is give you an alternative to failing those exams. By taking the alternative route, you will be given a realistic time studying guide for the exam, along with a review of all the material that was covered during the course. By having all this in hand, you will have a great way of preparing for the actual test, without wasting any time studying.

So what are some of the things you can make sure of when preparing for the exams? One of the most important things you need to get right when studying for the cissp exam online from home is your preparation. To make sure that you’re fully prepared for the exam, there are a number of different things that you must do. These include reviewing all the material you were taught, reviewing all the practice questions that were given, making sure that you’ve got all your books and manuals together, etc.

About Really CISSP Online Exam are Easy

Now, there are many people who may think that by taking such an exam they can get a free pass, without having to work for it. This is not true, and if you study hard, you will find that it will be very difficult for you to pass. The best way to ensure a high mark is to make sure that you have plenty of studying time. There are lots of different ways in which you can pay us to help you with your studying. You should check them out and see what sort of money is available to pay us.

If you want to ensure a high mark, then paying us to give you a cissp exam online from home is the best option. We will make sure that you have the materials that you need, and that you get to grips with the coursework as quickly as possible. By having to work harder, you’ll be able to make sure that you pass the exam when it comes to taking the exams that you need to take in order to qualify for government services.

Cissp exams aren’t easy, and taking exams is only half the battle. You need to study hard and also make sure that you understand what you’re studying for. Online study guides are ideal for this, because they give you information at your fingertips, and they make sure that you understand the material. When you have access to practice questions instead of just theory exams, you’ll be able to make sure that you know the material before you even start the exam.

Small Business Payroll Services: Avoid Fraud

Many companies around the world are facing the crisis due to the frauds that are carried out in their offices on a day-to-day basis by their employees, supervisors and managers. Every penny that goes into fraud takes a toll on the company’s bottom line.

Don’t let your company fall victim to the same situation, be very cautious with your employees and make sure they are accurately completing your schedule for proper payroll and paycheck calculation. You can keep a record of the following things to make sure your employees are not committing any kind of fraud in the company:

  • Forget the payroll advance: Most employees take their payroll in advance and then forget about it. It is always better to write down all the payroll advance that your employees have taken from you so that you can do the correct calculation of your payroll and not pay them more.
  • Punching for friend– This is the most common type of fraud that takes place around the world. This practice involves sharing your personal information with your friend in the office and letting him dial in on your behalf. In most cases, sometimes even an employee is paid for the day they were active. The electronic attendance control system has provided a solution to this problem.
  • Unauthorized hours clams: This type of fraud is very difficult to detect. This happens when employees add unwanted hours to their timesheet. They show that they have been working more in the office and have cut their lunch break, etc. You have to be very careful about properly monitoring your employees so they can’t brag about overtime.
  • False expenses: This type of fraud is mostly carried out by sales profile or by people who are on the road a lot or have access to the company’s credit card to incur their expenses. They show fake invoices to get extra money from the company. Make sure your employees keep a record of all original receipts. A business should always verify the authenticity of the receipt by calling the merchant.
  • Workers’ compensation fraudNo industry is safe from this type of fraud. Employees will try to simulate an injury, such as joint problem, stiff neck, back, etc. to falsely claim money from you and your insurance company. This type of fraud can cause you to lose thousands quickly. One way to verify the authenticity of such fraud is to have a surveillance camera in your office. You can check on your office vault whether your employees were injured on the office premises or not while reimbursing their medical claims.

If you can take care of all the points mentioned above, you will surely save a good amount of money. The other solution to this problem is also to hire a small payroll company, which can implement all the processes for you. This company will implement all the desired systems and will also calculate the payrolls of its employees. Make sure you hire honest and trustworthy employees for your company.

Granite Countertop Backsplash Ideas

When people decide to remodel their kitchens, the backsplash is something they commonly think of looking into. It is very important to make the right decision when it comes to this choice. If it is a bad decision, it will undoubtedly ruin the atmosphere and decoration of the kitchen. Making the right choice will go a long way toward giving the kitchen the feel that the creator was looking for. It’s important to figure out how to find the right kitchen backsplash ideas.

One thing that needs to be considered is whether to use tint or mosaic. It is important to consider the kitchen environment when doing this. These two are usually the best options when working with granite. Mosaic is a cheaper option, but many people are unwilling to use mosaic. An advantage of mosaic is that you have many more options. Stone is a lot more expensive, but if it’s what fits in with your kitchen décor, then it’s definitely something to bet on. There is stone that has a smooth texture and there is also the type that gives it a rough and uneven look. This gives the designer some options when it comes to stone types.

So where should someone start looking for granite countertop backsplash ideas? Well, local stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot are great places to start. Not only do they have many options, but they also have representatives there who can discuss the options that exist for the client. Another option is to use the internet to track down the backsplash someone is looking for. Even if someone isn’t comfortable shopping online, there are still tons of options to consider. This way, the customer has a good idea of ​​what they are looking for and tries to find something similar when heading to a local department store.

Certainly some types of granite can present quite a challenge when it comes to locating a backsplash that goes very well with it. As previously stated, tile and stone are two of the best and most popular options. Much of what someone can do with your design may depend on cost. The cost of the product as well as the installation are important factors when making a purchase.

Why have Truck Toppers?

When you bought your truck, you likely already had excellent plans for how it would be used. Whether it’s hauling cargo from one place to another, heading out for a weekend of adventures in the mud and off-road, loading up camping gear and heading to the mountains or perhaps to use as a work truck, you knew having a pickup truck would be a boon for your active lifestyle.

However, with a pickup truck comes a variety of other things that you may not have thought of. For example, those items that you transport in the truck bed are now exposed to the elements of nature. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem if you instead opt for a truck trim to protect the items you’re hauling.

Truck toppers, also known as truck covers or covers, offer a variety of advantages over simply leaving the truck bed open and exposed. Here are some of them:

  • The topper gives the styling of an SUV, but still has the versatility of removing the topper when you need to haul something higher.

  • If the need ever arises, you can sleep in the truck bed without the effects of precipitation. In fact, many vans are large enough that a mattress can be placed over them, giving you a good night’s sleep while staying dry!

  • Having a truck topper protects the truck bed from any falling branches or twigs that can scratch its finish.

  • No more driving home after shopping and your purchases getting caught in the rain or snow!

  • You can usually lock the ornament to prevent thieves from accessing tools or other personal items.

  • While trucks are not known for their fuel efficiency, adding a truck topper actually increases the truck’s efficiency by eliminating the wind resistance that occurs when the bed is open.

Your truck trim is not just a stylish item on your truck. It serves several purposes that make your truck a better investment. From better gas mileage to protecting your belongings from nature and unscrupulous characters, choosing a truck frame makes your vehicle that much better.

Having a truck topper is a great way to extend the life of your truck bed. Talk to your truck dealer about the options available for your particular type of truck. You will be surprised how beneficial having a truck topper can be.

Brad Weinman’s Attraction Marketing Plan Review

I just finished reading the “Attraction Marketing Plan”, and I think this is an excellent piece to go with “Magnetic Sponsoring”.

What’s great about this piece is Brad’s story. Before joining a network marketing company, he was basically an introverted artist. This spoke to me since I myself am an introvert. The way he was able to build his organization gives other introverts hope that we can all achieve what he could.

Brad explains step by step how to create an attraction marketing campaign. Although it is the same thing you can hear (Position yourself as an expert, you need to sell yourself …), what is unique is that it emphasizes writing a bio page about yourself to sell yourself. It does not say that you write about the car you drive or that you have a dog with bad breath. Brad says write about how you will add value to your potential customer.

If you’re going to mention that you drive a junk, you’d better explain why and how that little piece of information is helpful to the prospect. Find your “brand” and market it to the world. In other words, promote your product FIRST before your product or business opportunity.

Brad also teaches you the basics of writing texts, lead capture pages, and the importance of building your list. As all network marketers know, the list is your greatest asset. Brad emphasizes that this list is not bought or “harvested” – you grow it. And the only way to keep people on your list is to build a relationship and keep adding value.

I highly recommend this book to anyone serious in the networking business. What I mean is that I would recommend it to someone who is frustrated with their business BUT wants their business to work. I wouldn’t give this to any tire kicker or anyone with a “ME” attitude. This e-book is about how it will benefit your potential customer, not how it will benefit you. If you are looking for an overview of how to set up a campaign, this is your book. Although this book is largely detailed, if you want to get into the details of creating Google AdWords campaigns or building sites and all that, go with some of the affiliates that Brad suggests.

Brad gives you enough “to be dangerous.”

The Wiggles Party Menu Ideas

A Wiggles party menu for toddlers and preschoolers calls for a simpler meal, but one that is fun for kids and highly edible. Don’t forget to serve up your delicious sandwiches, whatever they turn out to be, on Wiggles-themed paper plates, in glasses, with napkins and other helpful supplies. There are also Wiggles themed party decorations to make your child’s Wiggles party even more memorable, even if he is still too young to remember it anyway. The party never stops with fun music and songs from Wiggles for the kids to sing and dance to during the event too!

When planning your buffet-style Wiggles party menu, with plenty of easy-to-pick foods that you and the kids will enjoy nibbling during the course of the party. Fun foods like cubed cheeses, meat rolls, individual fruit chunks cut into fun shapes, and even little breadsticks for dipping in cheese sauce, ranch dressing, or marinara sauce. Later, you can announce something like a casual call to eat at the Wiggles party by pulling out some hot chicken fingers and fries with a variety of special Wiggles sauces. Dessert can be colored cubes of twisted jelly, representing all the colors of the shirts worn by members of the Wiggles singing group.

Create your fun Wiggles sauces in a very simple way. The colors of your different sauces will be yellow, red, blue, and purple. You can easily use mustard for the yellow sauce and ketchup for the red sauce. Take some of the ranch sauce you already have on hand and add some blue food coloring to make the blue sauce. Then make a purple sauce out of BBQ sauce by adding some blue food coloring. Depending on how red the BBQ sauce is, you may need to add a little red food coloring to balance the purple.

The color of your fun Wiggles sauces does not affect their flavor and kids will have a blast figuring out which sauces are which at the Wiggles party.

Indirect injuries affecting interpreters and translators

Indirect trauma is a phrase often heard in victim service and the medical professions. Crisis responders witness the trauma their clients and patients experience and are routinely given opportunities to release some of the emotional burden that their work entails.

Professional translators and interpreters act as language tools and are expected to function like machines. However, the very real nature of interpreter assignments has an emotional and physical impact that, if left unaddressed, can significantly alter a person’s ability to perform their job. Language professionals may find that they are completing their tasks in a timely manner, but cannot leave behind the images of their clients’ experience. Whether it’s transcribing a police interview, interpreting during a medical crisis, or translating a victim’s statement, language professionals rarely have the opportunity to report after a stressful event.

Studies show that when our brains are activated by a dangerous event or trauma (whether physical or emotional), the limbic system temporarily “hijacks” the brain. The left side of the brain shuts down and the right side of the brain takes over. Unfortunately for an interpreter, language is controlled by the left brain. If an interpreter has experienced a similar event or feels empathy for the customer, they may have a difficult time finding the right words to interpret the customer’s experience. The interpreter may walk out of the appointment saying, “What just happened? I’m usually that good at what I do.”

Interpreters and translators working on projects for the IT Center conveyed symptoms of indirect trauma, including anxiety, anger, and self-doubt. Our translators reported feeling agitated and sad, reading their full translations over and over again, doubting themselves and their competence.

As a result, TI Center staff, along with staff from the Denver Center for Crime Victims, began investigating how they could help language professionals understand the impact of interpreting the stress and trauma of others and regain their energy to work with the public.

In response, the IT Center has launched a 6-hour workshop, entitled Health Enablement for Language Professionals (HELP). Participants will learn to cope with the physical and emotional challenges that you face as a language professional. You will learn how the brain and body react to trauma and then practice some proven stress management techniques. At the end of the workshop you will be a stronger and more positive person, both professionally and personally.

Heavy Metal Mercury Poisoning: Chelation and the Link to Autism: Asperger’s and ADHD

Similarities of Mercury Poisoning and Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Mercury poisoning is believed to be one of the leading biomedical causes of autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction, and PDD pervasive developmental disorder.

Mercury can affect the body in a variety of areas, including speech and motor processing, cognitive and social skills, and create sensory abnormalities. Many of these symptoms are similar to those seen in children on the autism spectrum or those with Asperger’s syndrome, PDD, sensory integration dysfunction, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADD / ADHD.

The “mad hatters” syndrome was the direct result of the mercury used to heal the felt when making a hat. Due to exposure to mercury, people who made hats often suffered from dementia, mental illness, or generally confusion. New studies link heavy metal toxicity to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning

Social withdrawal and lack of eye contact or eye fixation

Anxiety and mood swings.

Do not develop problems with speech, articulation and echolalia (repetitive vocalizations)

Sensitivity to sound

Abnormal tactile sensations or aversion to touch.

Over sensitivity to light

Flapping or repetitive movements

Excessive salivation or drooling.

Clumsiness and poor coordination.

Difficulties sitting, walking, crawling.

Sleeping difficulties

Poor concentration / attention problems / ADHD symptoms

Rashes or eczema

Digestive problems / diarrhea and constipation

Where did the mercury come from?


Several vaccines contain a form of mercury called thimerosal. According to the CDC, “Until 1999, vaccines given to babies to protect them against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), and Hepatitis B contained thimerosal as a preservative. Today, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, the only vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years and younger that contain thimerosal are: one DTaP vaccine and three influenza (flu) vaccines. These four vaccines contain only trace amounts. of thimerosal “.

Vaccines do not cause autism, but if the body’s detoxification system is not working properly, the person may have a difficult time expelling what would normally be considered harmless amounts. Because the body cannot expel these harmful toxins adequately, they are harboring within the body causing the symptoms listed above. This is part of the reason why it is critical not to vaccinate a child when they are sick, even if it is just a cold.

Mercury amalgam dental fillings

For dental work, stay away from mercury amalgam fillings. It is safer to use composite fillings. Again, it may not be a problem for everyone, but for those with impaired detoxification systems it can cause serious problems. The more fillings, the greater the risk due to the cumulative effect of toxins. Before starting chelation therapy, mercury amalgam dental fillings should be removed to avoid further exposure to mercury.


Unfortunately, our food supply is contaminated. Tuna, swordfish, and seabass are the mostly highly contaminated fish with high levels of mercury. The website www.GotMercury.com has an online calculator to help you determine how much mercury is in your food.

Other sources of mercury

Damaged nonstick or aluminum cookware

Toxic air from coal-fired plants

Lawn and garden pesticides

Success story

I ate tuna several times a week when I was pregnant and swordfish several times a month. The warnings that these larger fish were generally high in mercury due to environmental contamination were only emerging between my first and second children. I also received the flu vaccine as recommended when I was pregnant, which contains thimerosal or mercury. I’m sure these were factors that contributed to why my two sons were found to have toxic levels of lead and mercury in their little bodies. The Happy Sun shows actual lab results before and after chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is the process of removing heavy metals from the body by taking a drug, which attracts and binds mercury and helps excrete it from the body. There is some medical controversy about the use of chelation for the treatment of autism and ADD / ADHD problems because it is considered an “off-label” treatment. However, using botox for wrinkles is also an “off-label” treatment, as botox is designed to stop facial spasms and tics. In essence, you are not treating autism or ADD / ADHD with chelation, but are first testing the child to determine if heavy metal toxicity is an underlying problem and then using chelation therapy to treat heavy metal toxicity . Click here to read more about heavy metal testing.

Cunnilingus Tips: Oral Sex Techniques To Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms

Cunnilingus is the best known method of bringing a woman to orgasm. Statistically, you have a better chance of getting a woman to achieve oral sex than with any other method. This is because the highly sensitive clitoris can be directly stimulated and massaged, with full attention focused on this area.

With oral sex for men, giving blowjobs is much easier in comparison. Fellatio for boys is a walk in the park alongside cunnilingus.

However, it doesn’t take a biology degree to master all the cunnilingus techniques you’ll need to give your woman an orgasm. The intensity of her climax, and therefore the likelihood that she will return the favor, will depend on how much effort you are willing to put into making the oral sex experience something she loves you for.

1. Take your time

Most men (and some inexperienced newbie or bisexual lesbian women) tend to rush into cunnilingus without any warm-ups. Be patient and curb your initial lust if you can. But do not worry, if your woman does not suffer from frigidity and responds well to your first probes, she will soon be unleashed in attacks of passion that will allow you to be more firm with your oral sex techniques.

2. Start with foreplay

To put your woman in a good mood, it can help to be romantic. Give him lots of hugs and kisses beforehand. Also, it’s a good idea to pay attention to her nipples and breasts before seriously cuddling her. This can be in the form of oral or manual stimulation.

3. Be prepared for a taste sensation

Not all women have the same vaginal smells and tastes. If you’re eating it out for the first time, be prepared for anything. If you haven’t had an intimate wash (douche) for a while, you might be surprised. However, once your relationship is established,

  • feel comfortable telling you to refresh your genital area in advance, or
  • Get used to its taste and smell, even if it hasn’t been washed for a few hours.

4. Use your fingers first

Before attacking your woman’s vaginal area with your mouth, gently massage her around her clitoris and labia with your fingers. If she can get through this alone, congratulations. It will make her more eager for you to give her oral sex as soon as possible.

5. Use your whole mouth

As with blowjobs for men, giving a woman a blowjob is a much greater erotic experience for her if you are prepared to use your lips and teeth in addition to your tongue. Every now and then take a little bite on her clitoris and lips. Some women can take more pressure when biting than others; Ask her to tell you if the sensation is too strong for her. Blowing on the vagina can cause other amazing and orgasmic sensations.

6. Don’t just focus on her clitoris

Some women are extremely sensitive on the clitoris, so be prepared to leave it alone once in a while and pay more attention to other parts. You can drive some women crazy when you insert your tongue into the vagina itself, gently probing inside her.

7. Rub your G-spot

While licking her clitoris and labia, insert one or two fingers and gently massage her G-spot (the fluffy area at the top of the vaginal wall). For some women, this is the key area to induce female ejaculation. If you rub her G-spot in the right way while performing cunnilingus, you might get a squirt of female ejaculation on your face. Get ready for this! Some women who thought female ejaculation was an urban myth are even amazed at their innate ability to cum like a man when their G-spot is perfectly stimulated.

8. Use sex toys

While cunnilingus with your wife, the use of a vibrator, G-spot stimulator, and (if she’s open-minded and willing) even anal beads and butt plugs can make the experience mind-blowing for both partners. For something totally unusual, put an ice cube in your mouth while you lick it and she will squirm with pleasure.

9. Learn from lesbians

A great learning tool to improve your knowledge of how to perform cunnilingus is reading erotic articles written by lesbian and bisexual women, and also watching adult movies starring real lesbians. Even straight adult movies are fine if the men who do things are adept at their jobs and not just trying to get pleasure for themselves.

Use these oral sex techniques and your wife will thank you forever. One last thing, the more you practice, the more you will learn exactly what she likes.