12 Types of Vintage Products You Can Sell Through Online Auctions

All kinds of antiques, from dolls to furniture, are undoubtedly great sellers. But most of us are not antique dealers and we may not know or care enough about them. So here are twelve things that are selling like crazy that you can profit from online auctions. (The list is not in order of priority).

1. Corners

Many people are coin collectors. You can buy all kinds of foreign currencies on the Internet; Mexican pesos and Brazilian coins. Now that we have the euro, the coins in old money can only increase in value as they become a rarity.

They are very cheap coins. Some people have packaged them, like one hundred world coins, and they have sold at auction for £ 60 and £ 70. Many of those coins, like the Mexican peso and the Brazilian peso coin, are less than a penny.

Also, Indian Head pennies and old silver, and even some current silver that is not that old, which is called junk silver, but still silver, is very popular. Some people bid for these things a lot more than you can buy as a base metal. It’s crazy, but that’s the way it is.

2. Pocket and hunting knives

Both old and new pocket and hunting knives are very popular items. This category also includes swords.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re interested or have some knowledge of survival skills using knives, or find the history of swords fascinating, these items will do you well online.

3. Watches and rings

People like unusual watches and rings. Some of New Mexico’s turquoise watches and jewelry were originally popular twenty years ago. But then it went out of style and no one would wear it. Now once again, it is popular.

If you can buy those jewels at a good price, you can double and even triple your money.

4. Music boxes

Music boxes are very collectible and very popular. They are relatively easy to ship to clients. A visit to any junk shop, car boot sale, antique mall, or market will generally yield at least one music box.

5. Holiday season items

All kinds of unusual items related to Easter, Christmas and Halloween are extremely popular. People have uploaded articles in this category a lot.

6. Arts and Crafts of Native American Indians

Anything to do with Indian arts and crafts is big business, especially in the US, UK, Germany and Belgium. Ancient arrowheads are popular, blankets, saddles, beads, all kinds of things related to Native American nations.

7. Religious articles

It does not matter if the religious articles are Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu or of any other religion. They are all very popular.

In the Middle East they have “accounts of concern.” Many years ago I had an Arab friend who gave me some. They don’t cost a lot of money. I’ve seen them bid up to £ 25.

8. Rocks and fossils

Rocks and fossils are very popular, perhaps because they are very collectible: they take up little space, but a collection can be surprising and interesting.

9. Bedspreads and duvets

The star quilts of the North American Indians are very popular, as well as the various quilts made by the Victorians. Still a popular craft today, even modern handmade quilts and quilts can fetch a good price.

10. Perfumes and Colognes

This includes perfumes and colognes for both men and women. Especially discounted name brands where people can bid on it but get it for less than £ 50 which is normally sold in a large department store.

11. Regional articles

Regional items have increased in popularity. People living in Arizona and New Mexico, California, Texas, can cross the border and buy extremely cheap Mexican crafts and yet double and triple their money on eBay.

If you don’t live in the United States, but take a vacation to Mexico or South America, this may be lucrative for you. This category also covers tourist items purchased anywhere in the world; like African beads, dolls in country dress, porcelain from the coastal cities of the British Isles, handbags from Egypt, it’s endless. On the other hand, there is a vast and thriving market for pre-1970s British coastal trivia.

12. Autographs

If you know or have something that has been signed by a famous person; A rock star, movie stars, presidents, you name it, they’re auctioning them off in a big way on eBay and other auction sites. Some collectors are also willing to bid on an item of clothing or a lock of hair from a famous person.

So that’s just a summary of twelve categories that are selling well through internet auctions.

Of course, you can sell thousands of other items. All kinds of books are sold, for example, there is no doubt about that. I sold books and three or four different companies bought books from me and resold them on eBay, Yahoo, and other auction sites. However, you need to buy or print books cheap enough to qualify for deep discounts.

For example, a £ 25 book could be auctioned for £ 6 or £ 7. Now if you bought it for £ 2 or printed it for £ 2, it shouldn’t be a problem to make a steady profit. The profit margin is large enough that you can walk away with cash in your pocket.

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